The Gift of Acceptance

Acceptance is a great word.

You can accept a gift, a favor, an idea, kindness, etc…

And you can accept everything as it is.

It doesn’t mean settling.

It means taking a breath for a moment, a day or a lifetime.

Just stopping activity to take a visual or mental survey, a snapshot of everything in your life right now and saying “this is what it looks like”.

You accept the picture.

That is all it is.  Once a picture is taken with your camera, that moment is frozen in time.

You can’t fight a “picture”.  You may not have a fondness for the picture, but it is the reality of the moment.

I take a moment to breathe in the midst of a struggle of wanting circumstances to be different and realize nothing is struggling against me  (unless of course you’re in a barroom brawl or any other sort of physical fight or flight).

I realize its my thoughts I’m struggling with as though each viewpoint was down and dirty with me wrestling in the mud.

When I stop and take the picture by first noticing my surroundings, what I am actually doing in the moment and what I am feeling; I notice the release of all my muscles.  It is like a wave of calm starts to take over.

I start to feel that peace in my core grow.

And magically, all is well.

The beauty of accepting everything as is, opens you up to the change.

You are now relaxed and not focused on filling the space with struggle.  You see how all that energy going into wanting to force your resolve or beat yourself up is energy you can spend elsewhere.

Your mind is NOW not “against” anyone or anything.

It allows creativity to be born.

Without all the focus, obsessing, strategizing, etc… A solution naturally comes to you.

Sometimes the solution is to do nothing, all that needs to be done, has been done. All you can do is accept. It releases you and wow, isn’t great to find something else to focus on that may inspire you?

And at other times through acceptance, you have opened a window of inspiration.

Acceptance is also about our emotions, our mistakes, and anything else we can’t accept.

The same applies here.

Take a snapshot of your internal nature; is there a thunderstorm or sunshine?

Are you ruminating over something that didn’t work out and you think you could’ve done something differently?

Or maybe you’re angry at someone or yourself and you feel bad for being angry?

Whatever the feelings you have are at any given moment, once you lay down your mental weapons and accept—it changes.

If you are in the midst of arguing, or even about to indulge in a tasty treat or concocting a great story to get your way. Stop for a moment. Say “hello” to your feelings and let them be…. don’t try to force yourself into thinking or feeling a certain way. When you see what is driving you to get your way or do what you want or you just feel bad it is helpful to just stop, take a picture and relax.

Accept how you feel and once again watch how you shift.  

And watch what happens when you resume your activity.

Once you have given awareness and acceptance to your feelings it opens you up to moving out of habitual ways of being. True change can now happen.

I do this daily, especially whenever I realize I’m tense and disconnected from myself, because I’m so in my head wanting things to be different.

And I find that everything that looked impossible has now become possible.

I would love to hear from anyone who practices acceptance in their daily life and for those interested in starting to practice it; please share your experiences.

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Acceptance

  1. Acceptance is a choice where you react to an event. Denial is the other choice.

    Acceptance requires you to be in the present moment. Denial does not.

    If you are in the present moment and have accepted the event, what have you accepted? What is your reaction to the acceptance? Is it positive, neutral, or negative? Reactions are also perceptions, true? And your perceptions are based upon your life experiences are they not? Therefore, with the knowledge of this truth, do you not have the power to create a positive and personally fulfilling reaction that are outside of your normal life’s experiences?

    I think so.

    By being in the present moment and accepting in a positive and fulfilling way, wouldn’t you welcome more opportunities to grow? Therefore, after acceptance, look for the opportunity!

    I’ll take what’s behind door number three, Monty……

    1. Hi Mark~
      I love the questions you raised. I agree with you.

      And many people struggle with living in the present moment. They live mentally and emotionally in a past point, not realizing how it colors their view of acceptance.

      When you accept an event, it is just to say “It happened”, it is not to give it a weight of right or wrong. The deal is to realize your perceptions can be changed; I know from my own practice. We tend to “own” our experiences rather than just treat them as events which have no bearing on “who you truly are”. We try to derive our sense of self from these experiences and they don’t tell the truth–they give a perception….and to show how it is untrue, someone else may have a different perception of the same event.

      We have the ability to create whatever we want in this life, but when you load up your backpack of past perceptions, it becomes more difficult to climb the mountain going where we want. It takes awareness of oneself and acceptance…

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