The Believing Project-Victoria’s Ventura Venture

An update from Victoria on the Believing Project.

If you would like to read the original post about the agreement she and I made, please click here.

Living the life I love, Loving the life I live… has been my mantra throughout 2011.

I have continued “Asking the Universe to Dance in my manifestation of Wealth.” This past year  I saw a family incident/dynamic transpire before my eyes.  My initial reaction to the situation was frustration, then sadness and then my life time question received an “ah!”.  I had witnessed my family legacy that is not something I want to inherit, or pass on to my children.

The “lack of”, the “less than”, the “I am not good enough”mentality, which often leads to my fight for position, proving my worthiness, to be seen and to count has always been an underlying feeling in my life. Throughout my life I was not aware that I carried this disposition, but I always felt not quite right, feeling like there was something I wanted to shake.

Upon witnessing the incident with a family member, I finally recognized the dynamic, and decided to CLEARLY define for myself NO MORE.

I can break this legacy.  I can LIVE the legacy that honors life, authenticity and wealth of this existence.

I know that each struggle, disappointment, and hurdle allows me the ability to dig deep, reach higher and not only overcome, but find my own happiness, peace and grace.

This past week I started off my vacation with this understanding beaming through my heart.  I ventured out on a day trip to Ventura.  The site of my life dream and future business venture: A retreat…a way to live the life I love and love the life I live while sharing it with others and being of service to the community.

I envision it as an extension of my boutique, a place to stay and “treat” oneself to a more extensive celebration of that which is beautiful to you.

My dear friend and I got in my Tahoe and headed toward the 23 freeway…mind you I had wanted to travel this route, but could not remember the name and where it was on our journey.  I had several people recommend the best, most scenic, easiest route from Shadow Hills to Ventura…none included the 23. So, after a slight detour for gas, we hopped on a completely different freeway than my pre-determined route.  We chatted along the way. My traveling companion recommended the route she had taken previously when her job had been in the same vicinity as we were headed.  Low and behold it was the beautiful route 23!!! I had also traveled it previously, but anyone who knows me is aware that I don’t remember names and I am terrible with directions.

In the excitement of finding myself on this route, I somehow had gotten off the freeway and realized I needed to make a U-Turn and get right back on the freeway .  I made the U-Turn safely, but I definitely was not paying attention to the double yellow lines I crossed. The flashing red and blue lights flashing behind me told me, “Ugh, I was being pulled over.”

When the officer asked why I crossed the double yellow on this main street, my response was simple and true “I was confused.”  I had let the excitement of finding this route, the newness of the drive, and the thoughts spinning through my head that I was starting the steps to my Dream…the Retreat.  The police officer was very nice and understanding as he listened to what we were trying to accomplish. He chatted with us offering good advice on direction. He let us go on our way without a ticket, what a wonderful surprise!!! That was the first time in my life I have ever NOT gotten a ticket when I was pulled over.

Just a bit longer and we arrived safely in the city of Ventura.

Our first destination spot was a local cafe right in the middle of the town village. Just a few blocks above the ocean and a place to provide sustenance for our bodies and souls.  We pulled into a front parking spot and walked into a charming place with all the decor that pleased me and made me feel very comfortable. Our waiter was wonderful…gave great recommendations.  We had a rich and delicious salad (yes a rich and delicious salad!).

Filling my heart even fuller…Risotto!  A favorite, but hard to find Risotto done well.  As this day and story is going, OF COURSE the Risotto was fantastic…even made with chicken rather than lobster…which I usually have to substitute.  A good, hearty glass of red wine to round off the meal.  A delightful and nourishing way to start the walk through this community.

After finishing lunch, we started toward the door I asked “Did you notice if there were parking meters?” I hadn’t looked upon our arrival, I had just jumped out of my vehicle and headed in for lunch. When we walked out the door, we found a meter.  There was no parking ticket, the Universe was on our side…so we paid the meter and started on our walk through town.

We found wonderful stores, shopped and looked at what the area offered, there was nothing similar to my boutique.  It seems we can move up here and not have any competition with what we have to offer.

We looked at the local hotel, motels and bed & breakfast establishments.  There again it appeared there was nothing like my retreat concept…it seems we will have the opportunity to provide a place that will enhance the already beautiful charming and community that is Ventura.

We drove around the area for “sites” and found locations we thought would work. I felt at HOME.  I walked with ease, grace and gratitude envisioning my mantra “Living the life I love, Loving the life I live.”

Now I am aware this will be a large undertaking.  It will need much planning and organization. There will be things to “deal with” along the way, but I believe in myself and my dream. Taking this journey toward manifesting my “Life that I Love”, means no more family legacy of “I am not worthy”, “I am less than others, so it can’t be mine”, no more “fighting for my place, happiness or worthiness.” I can’t wait as I embark on this new path to my dream.

As I walk this path, this New Year of 2012….. I will do so with Ease, Grace, Good People by my side, and knowing that I am already HOME.  

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