The Manifesting List

Ever wonder how the same things continue to show up? Feel like you are stuck in a vicious cycle or keep attracting similar situations?

Check out this list on how you do it and how to gain more control.

  • Whatever we give our attention to, grows.

So, if you want more of it, keep doing it and if you want less, focus elsewhere. Have gratitude for what ‘is’ and focus less on what you wish it would be….watch how more of what you want, actually shows up.

  • Lies are based on a belief that you may¬†lose something or be embarrassed by the truth.

It’s¬†a sign of lack of trust in the self to handle disappointment. Want to really attract amazing people and opportunities, start getting real with yourself and see what you are denying.

  • If you believe that all relationships turn bad or end, you will fulfill that goal. Your subconscious is the map, it tells the conscious mind where to go.

Do you have a negative belief about you or relationships, guess what? The subconscious will fulfill it for you. Instead, get a spotlight to shine on the WHY behind the belief and get uncomfortable, as you take action in a positive direction. (funny, how the words uncomfortable and positive go together) This will create new beliefs.

  • If you believe more good exists inside of you than a voice kicking your butt, the perception you have will make sure¬†the¬†outside will match. (even when negative circumstances arise–you will see it as temporary, not life defining)
  • Engaging in¬†playing games, means sooner or later you’ll end up the loser. Be real.

Authenticity gives your life real¬†meaning. When you play a part, the return on it, never is permanent. Dig deep to find your truth–then act on it, without attachment to the outcome. Most of the time, your results are 9000% better than if you had faked it til you won it.

  • If you don’t believe you have value, you’ll look for situations affirming this belief or create them to show you are indeed, without worth.

Awareness of these core beliefs and questioning their validity will help you to not get triggered into going down the same ol’ road.

  • In¬†loving someone, try to tell¬†your conscious mind it doesn’t mean attachment or expectations are included in the deal.

No one else can fix you or make life better, unless you’re already doing something about it–so even if the love of your life came through the door, nothing would feel one iota better, until you fulfill your own needs first.

  • No matter how much you love someone you cannot stop them from doing self destructive or stupid shit, only they can stop themselves if they want to….or not.

Let go of trying, let go of taking them and their actions personally. You can do nothing to change them, unless they are already doing it themselves.

  • If you really sit with the discomfort inside of you, that you may want someone else to relieve, you’ll find you are your own best medicine.

Stay with the anxiety, the neediness, the emptiness or whatever it is causing you pain. It won’t kill you and you’ll find the temporary relief you get from someone else doesn’t compare to the permanent relief you can offer yourself.

  • Assumptions are dream killers–you can talk yourself out of anything you want (especially if it requires change) just by assuming some story, which may or may not be true. ¬†

If you don’t know, it’s okay, because even if you THOUGHT you knew–most of the time it doesn’t assure the outcome. Spending countless hours analyzing, strategizing and stressing will only lead to more inertia. Action trumps thought, show your ‘mind’ that all assumptions are b.s. and get out there and live your dreams.

This is just a starter EQ (emotional quotient) list. Growing your emotional intelligence will grow your ability to attract amazing people and situations to your personal and professional life.

What I know about Manifesting A House or Anything…


I’ve manifested things, big and small. And so have you!

Usually without committing to it, in fact I really didn’t pay attention for a long time. I realized certain things came easily and others…well, they were a bit more difficult.

When I started on my journey of self-realization and inner peace, I didn’t know it meant loss, gains and a complete shift of awareness and consciousness.

Through the losses, I realized I had become complacent. I started believing scarcity was my birthright. Somehow I decided to live with “less than” in all areas of my life.

As I became clearer on this “complacency,” and started to make choices from a place of loving myself, many things and people changed in my life.

About the house.

Along the way, I learned how to manifest with purpose, but being human, one can still doubt one’s abilities, right?

We can also make it a challenge rather than simple and easily.

I connected to universal power, it was a simple and difficult process in bringing this house to me.

I had to learn to be in alignment with what I asked for…if I said simple and easy ways, then I need to allow for “simple and easy.”

What did I use? Affirmations, intentions, shifting my ability to believe constantly, participating and surrendering.

I’ve never been big on affirmations as the way to go until recently, because I know NOW there’s a bigger purpose in using them.

Often, we say them a few times, then we start to feel funky. They just don’t fit…and the discovery is we get to see exactly where we feel unworthy or stuck. It unveils us to ourselves.

The same thing happens with intentions, we begin to question our own value in deserving what we ask for and …. if we get it, can we handle it?

Please know, it’s okay to experience all of this and still get what we ask for, BUT….when we ask, we must ask a quality question or an intention that is well-worded–so it’s clear.

In the process of asking, we must lift our wealth consciousness. We must move toward unlimited possibilities rather than looking back.

Wealth goes beyond money–wealth in every part of our life. Observe where we feel we don’t deserve wealth and why?¬†GET CLEAR,¬†we usually WANT what is beyond the comfort of our own value…so it matters¬†“where we are” in receiving it.

It cannot come from the lack, it must come from already feeling like life is good and abundant, because in reality it is…we’re the only ones which cut ourselves off from source.

So…the house. I asked the Universe to “please bring the perfect place for me simply and easily.” I had an idea in my mind of what size, shape and look the place had…but I was open to the Universe bringing it…well…¬†sort of.¬†

I saw the first house…and loved it!

I had to have it, so perfect for my business and life. I among 10 other people, put in applications. When I had looked at the place the owner was there trying to find her cat…she left….and who showed up? The cat. I found the cat. I was walking to leave and the owner drove by, I told her I put her cat in the house. Was it a sign? Nope…I didn’t get the house.

Bummed and doubting.

The second house. I heard from an agent who called 10 minutes after I let go of control of needing to find the place NOW. I thought…hmmm, this must be it! I saw it and it was awesome too. Interestingly enough had the same layout as the first……way too many applicants,¬†no word for 2 weeks …and I, again didn’t get the house.

More bummed, til I saw house #3.

This had to be it!!!! I called…I said I wanted the house sight unseen (And so far, simple and easy were missing from my vocabulary) I emailed, texted, I hit it off with the current tenants! I wanted this house, perfection!!! It was mine in my mind’s eye…until it wasn’t. They took it off the market.

Bummed for a moment and then I decided to get real.

I had asked myself all along if this was simple and easy (NO), so I decided to really ALLOW myself to participate (by looking) and let the rest take care of itself.

I found two houses that day, I was totally relaxed in finding the right fit.

The first house was in a city I wanted, but not a desirable street (and the same layout as the other three). And the second one, was in an area I had moved out of…did I want to move back (same layout as the other 4)?

I liked many things about house number 5, but after my experience with the other 3 (I didn’t do anything with house #4)…I contacted the owner….sent her everything on me, short of my blood type and figured whatever happens, happens.

Right away, I told my Mom,¬†I knew I would get it! The owner called me a few minutes later…and was so excited to have me as a tenant. Plus, what I do for a living is something she is interested in learning more about…

Here’s the thing, when I actually STUCK TO what I STATED as my intention…it worked. Intention clear, my actions supported it and voila … the house is for me!

We can manifest anything this way…it’s easy, really. BE SPECIFIC AND MATCH YOUR ENERGY AND ACTIONS TO IT AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.

The Believing Project-Victoria’s Ventura Venture

An update from Victoria on the Believing Project.

If you would like to read the original post about the agreement she and I made, please click here.

Living the life I love, Loving the life I live…¬†has been my mantra throughout 2011.

I have continued “Asking the Universe to Dance in my manifestation of Wealth.”¬†This past year¬† I saw a family incident/dynamic transpire before my eyes. ¬†My initial reaction to the situation was frustration, then sadness and then my life time¬†question received an “ah!”. ¬†I had witnessed my family legacy that is not something I want to inherit, or pass on to my children.

The “lack of”, the “less than”, the “I am not good enough”mentality, which often leads to my fight for position, proving my worthiness, to be seen and¬†to count has always been an underlying feeling in my life. Throughout my life¬†I was not aware that I carried this disposition, but I¬†always felt not quite right, feeling like there was something I wanted to shake.

Upon witnessing the incident with a family member, I finally recognized the dynamic, and decided to CLEARLY define for myself NO MORE.

I can break this legacy.  I can LIVE the legacy that honors life, authenticity and wealth of this existence.

I know that each struggle, disappointment, and hurdle allows me the ability to dig deep, reach higher and not only overcome, but find my own happiness, peace and grace.

This past week I started off my vacation with this understanding beaming through my heart. ¬†I ventured out on a day trip to Ventura. ¬†The site¬†of my life dream and future business venture: A retreat…a way to live the life I love and love the life I live while sharing it with others and being of service to the community.

I envision it as an extension of my boutique, a place to stay and “treat” oneself to a more extensive celebration of that which is beautiful to you.

My dear friend and I got in my Tahoe and headed toward the 23 freeway…mind you I had wanted to travel this route, but could not remember the name and where it was on our journey. ¬†I had several people recommend the best, most scenic, easiest route from Shadow Hills to Ventura…none included the 23. So, after¬†a slight detour for gas, we hopped on a completely different freeway than my pre-determined¬†route. ¬†We chatted along the way. My¬†traveling companion recommended the route she had taken previously when her job had been in the same vicinity as we were headed. ¬†Low and behold it was¬†the beautiful route 23!!! I had also traveled it previously, but anyone who knows me is aware that I don’t remember names and I am terrible with directions.

In the excitement of finding myself on this route, I somehow had gotten off the freeway and realized I needed to make a U-Turn and get right back on the freeway . ¬†I made the U-Turn safely,¬†but I definitely was not paying attention to the double yellow lines I crossed. The flashing red and blue lights flashing behind me told me, “Ugh, I was¬†being pulled over.”

When the officer asked why I crossed the double yellow on this main street,¬†my response was simple and true “I was confused.” ¬†I had let the excitement of finding this route, the newness of the drive, and the thoughts¬†spinning through my head that I was starting the steps to my Dream…the Retreat. ¬†The police officer was very nice and understanding as he listened to what we were trying to accomplish. He chatted with us offering good advice on direction. He let us go on our way without a ticket, what a wonderful surprise!!! That was the first time in my life I have ever NOT gotten a ticket when I was pulled over.

Just a bit longer and we arrived safely in the city of Ventura.

Our first destination spot was a local cafe right in the middle of the town village. Just a few blocks above the ocean¬†and a place to provide sustenance for our bodies and souls. ¬†We pulled into a front parking spot and walked into a charming place with all the decor that pleased me and made me feel very comfortable.¬†Our waiter was wonderful…gave great recommendations. ¬†We had a rich and delicious salad (yes a rich and delicious salad!).

Filling my heart¬†even fuller…Risotto! ¬†A favorite, but hard to find Risotto done well. ¬†As this day and story is going, OF COURSE the Risotto was fantastic…even made with¬†chicken rather than lobster…which I usually have to substitute. ¬†A good, hearty glass of red wine to round off the meal. ¬†A delightful and nourishing¬†way to start the walk through this community.

After finishing lunch,¬†we started toward the door I asked “Did you notice if there were parking meters?” I hadn’t looked upon our arrival, I had just jumped out of my vehicle and headed in for lunch.¬†When we walked out the door, we found a meter. ¬†There was no parking ticket, the Universe was on our side…so we paid the meter and¬†started on our walk through town.

We found wonderful stores, shopped and looked at what the area offered, there was nothing similar to my boutique.  It seems we can move up here and not have any competition with what we have to offer.

We looked at the local hotel, motels and bed & breakfast establishments. ¬†There again it appeared there was nothing like my retreat concept…it seems we will have the opportunity to provide a place that will enhance the already beautiful charming and community that is Ventura.

We drove around the area for “sites” and found locations we thought would work. I felt at HOME. ¬†I walked with¬†ease, grace and gratitude envisioning my mantra¬†“Living the life I love, Loving the life I live.”

Now I am aware this will be a large undertaking. ¬†It will need much planning and organization. There will be things to “deal with” along the way, but I believe in myself and my dream. Taking this journey toward manifesting my “Life that I Love”, means no more family legacy of “I am not worthy”, “I am less than others, so it can’t be mine”, no more “fighting for my place, happiness or worthiness.” I can’t wait as I embark on this new path to my dream.

As I walk this path, this New Year of 2012….. I will do so with Ease, Grace, Good People by my side, and knowing that I am already HOME. ¬†

Its been a day in testing beliefs…

Here’s the thing.

Setting intentions.

The easy part is stating them and feeling like “yes” this will be my future!!

The hard part is trying to maintain the belief for myself until those little suckers manifest! It is an altogether other-wordly request.

And don’t forget to let go of any attachment to a specific outcome in how it must look, be or sound. What a challenge!! Letting go while staying open¬†can make for an uneasy alliance with myself.

Today proposed an interesting challenge! Let’s just say a lot has changed in the over 6 weeks it has been since I brazenly threw my desires out to the Universe.

It was a list of six items which I asked for at the beginning of September; I’ll spare¬†much of the detail as to the events which have transpired recently, but instead I’d like to share my reaction.¬†Out of the six items, a couple of the intentions were aimed at my professional existence. Here is the url, if you would like a recap: Believing.

In looking to grow and create a prosperous existence; today was roadblock “central”.

I have been handed a few items recently which are pushing me to make decisions that I did not want to and are somewhat beyond my control.

A day like today started the stirrings of a very old battle. It was the worthy vs. unworthy parade of ghosts from failures of the past.

In essence, the “me” right now, at this moment, vs. the “me” victimized by all that has ever transpired, probably from birth. And let me tell you, most of today has been an almost even playing field.

In the past, I have lost everything. And I mean everything in the basic needs category (except my car); as in sleeping on someone else’s couch sort of loss.

There were several things which transpired over a window of time in my life that contributed to this loss. Depending on the day you ask me, I could say it was 100% my fault or on the other hand you may find me saying some of it was just bad timing. Today, apparently, I am in that same place of asking myself the same question….take on all the responsibility for all circumstances or is some of it, just not the right timing?

How much of our lives do we create in our hearts and mind? How much is based on the expectations others have of us? And how much of our lives is at times purely built on the extenuating events of that day?

Perception can definitely influence my mood, my activity level and motivation. If I believe the world is against me no matter what I do, I then have no energy to do something positive…I mean “why bother” its just gonna be another smackdown, right? The old voices of past failures come to serenade me on how I ended up in the same exact place I have been countless times in my life, telling me this time is going to be no different. It’s just another version of the same pattern of the same sad dress, I wore for years when those old songs start humming in my head.

On the other hand, when I tell myself those intentions are going to manifest, even though today looks like “opposite day” in my pursuit of successful, glorious, sunshine-y dreams coming true…a little, teeny, tiny miracle starts to manifest.

What is that miracle?

The miracle for me is to refrain, even if it is for a moment, an hour or the rest of the day from beating myself up.

I am then able to touch the place inside of me that believes the present doesn’t have to reflect the past and the future is not at the hands of some dastardly Universe working against me….I instead have found many opportunities today to be at peace with all that is, and not be angry or feel some injustice has befallen me once again. Even though, I have spent portions of the day feeling like a complete failure, I have had many more moments in which that little light inside me starts to glow larger and burn brighter.¬†

And, it gives me a resolve.

I feel it growing almost as though I am possessed in certain moments by a motivation that is far beyond me. I see the courage and the desire to believe that, yes little reindeer, you too can fly as part of Santa’s sleigh. And so, in this moment, this second….I believe all my dreams will come true; they may just look, be or sound different than I originally thought, so I let go and remain open to what may come my way.

The Mystical, Magical Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. 

All I asked for… was… it… to be the “best” birthday, ever!!!

Was it? Yup!

A couple of weeks ago, I started employing a new technique I read about in an old book (written in the first part of the last century) about manifesting and placing intentions in your¬†subconscious. There were many examples of manifestation given in a “folksy” sort of format throughout the book , which contained innovative ways to have what you want in your life.

All roads lead back to belief. Do you believe is always the question, especially when the answer you seek is having your dreams come true!

As you know from my other posts, I am committed to having certain things in my life this year and everyday, I either go with the flow or find myself challenged with believing I can stay with my desire.

Okay, back to the book.

One technique he mentioned in the book was using the “mirror”. The author had done quite a bit of consulting and had employed the mirror as a¬†vehicle¬†for manifestation. In one instance, he helped a pie company who was doing poorly in their sales of pies. He asked each driver install a mirror on the back door of their truck. Before a driver went inside of an establishment to sell pies to the owner, he told them to state in the mirror their intention of selling pies and how many they would sell to that customer. He heard back from all of the drivers that their pie sales went through the roof!! People who didn’t buy pies were ordering them by the truckload and those who had been ordering from the company, increased their orders.

His principle idea was to look into your own eyes in the mirror; then state what it is you want to manifest. Some people have a list, others just one or two things. I took this idea and decided to give it a whirl. For the purpose of this post, I will limit it to my original statement of having the best birthday ever! I was stating in the mirror most mornings and evenings that I would have the best birthday ever! I had no idea what that looked like or smelled like, but I knew that as long as it was the “best” it didn’t matter what made up those circumstances!

Now, when I woke up yesterday…I had a bit of trepidation. I had read a horoscope for the month of October, just the day before and I rarely read horoscopes, because I just don’t find them to hold water (go figure!). Although, I should add a bit of clarity, that I do find astrology and birth charts to have some validity. Anyways…this horoscope had told me that for my sign, yesterday’s date….out of all the dates in the month…was going to be the worst day for me! ¬†I will spare you the details, but hey…having something looming like that makes you check your roof for the¬†possibility¬†of it unexpectedly caving in at any moment.

I had the best day!!! I heard from over 100 people yesterday…yes some from Facebook, but many people were contacting me through my phone. ¬†Emails were coming in from people who never acknowledged my birthday in the past. A few people had not even known it was my birthday, but had chosen this as the day to get back in touch with me…it was wild. Everywhere I went, people were kind and receptive. My kids were awesome! The man I am in love with sung me Happy Birthday.…and all the lights were green on the streets! (ha!) And the synchronicity was off the charts!

I even went to my chiropractor in the afternoon, only to run into someone I had gone out with a few years ago. He was one of those people I had never been sure I was over…and running into him showed me that “yup” I was free and clear! What a great gift!

I feel blessed and appreciative of having experienced such an awe-inspiring love-fest from people far and wide!!! Thank you is all I can say, of course with the biggest smile!!! Love to all!

Destination Place

Another excerpt from Victoria on her year in BELIEVING:

This is to follow up from the last post about the long shift at the LA Fair for the hair care product.

After ringing product every 5 minutes for 5 hours straight,and realizing that the word or idea I had not pin-pointed with any articulation for my own business was a Destination Place. The people coming to the booth at the fair, showed up specifically for the product. As they approached the booth, they would yell out the product name, and arrive at the booth as though they had finally found the holy grail.

The reputation, brand recognition, education and information brought a sense of urgency to individuals to find the destination and complete the process, which was to obtain (pay) the product.

This is one of the next steps for my business growth and success.

1) We have great “offerings” and services for people.

2) An environment that is Warm and Inviting.

Thanks to this work experience at the fair:

3) We have endeavored to gain more in depth knowledge about the ceremonies, traditions, and the experience of each product and service. We then follow up with our client to educate, inform and understand in a way that works or resonates for them. The intention is to have it be a part of their daily life.

4) And lastly, to have our Soul Workers and Practitioners who LIVE and BREATHE not only their modality, but this WAY of LIFE! Our Business, Our LOCATION offers…to EXUDE their LOVE, their ENTHUSIASM for our Sacred Space.

This last shift brought me the full understanding that we need to become a “destination place” for Seekers, for those who wish to do the work, and walk their path.

Today I worked all day in my beautiful space. New product arrived and set a tone of expansive opportunities for new directions and new paths for our clients to examine.

One client-Anne brought in cookies she had made for us. Her love of our offerings, along with her natural talent to create¬†soul stirring foods brought her to bake with products purchased in our Sacred Space~Que Linda Boutique. She created her love offering of Victorian Lavender Cookies. Lavender was crushed and mixed into the batter. Rose water added to the icing. She brought us Victorian Lavender Cookies with a Rose Water Icing…an offering back to us. We couldn’t keep enough cookies on the plate. People of all tastes, ages and gender not only took a cookie, but LOVED the cookies.

As we relished in this wonderful gesture of LOVE to honor us, one of the last clients of the day came in the door.

Upon stepping into the boutique, Jennifer announced to everyone “I come to La Crescenta for this boutique…it’s My Destination Point!”

Thank you Universe within 24 hours of my full understanding, my request, my want…there was my 1st customer to claim “destination point (place)” and so It Is! I know it’s just the 1st customer looking for her destination. I know the Universe will assist in bringing others whether they acknowledge or not this is a destination place for their Soul…

Universe let’s dance and show others the steps to this dance…we have arrived! This is our destination!

The Believing Project, trucking on down the road

We’re now three weeks on the journey in “believing“. Some days I believe my intentions will become a reality and other days I find more likelihood in being an astronaut.¬† Believing requires my participation, moving out of my comfort zone, yet not forcing or settling for less than I truly deserve. Playing it safe is not allowed. To be clear, I’m talking about my comfort zone emotionally– I won’t be skydiving anytime soon!

Vulnerability has become my friend over the years–honesty is a BIG relief; I don’t invest in fairy tales.

Believing is not mimicking or achieving a fairy tale. It is a force of nature beyond myself, one that I intuitively feel on a deeper level, knowing these things will manifest. Only my brain blocks the way, when it takes me down memory lane, showing me HOW things didn’t work out in the past.

I’ve been clearing away the driftwood for a long time, resulting in my connection to love, kindness, happiness and just juicy living, which eventually wins over the old voices wanting me back in the cocoon.

I have been divorced for years. My journey began with wanting inner peace. I can attest at that time it’s not “where I was, who I was nor did I have a clue how to just “be”…¬† I was a perfectionist, stubborn, intellect was were I operated from ALWAYS; ¬†I was prepared for almost any outcome.¬† And my heart? It was firmly buried beneath layers of protection, expectations, disappointment, false beliefs, depression– you¬† name it! All of these made for a pretty thick wall that I had no idea I had built.

Disappointment was my roommate, because I couldn’t deal with it for years. My disappointment in myself, others or things just not working out, made it impossible for me to ever shut off that inner critic. I remember trying to filter out anything that would make me feel bad. All forms of communication: email, phone, in-person. I couldn’t bear hearing I made a mistake or let someone down. I wore a steel armor to keep a critical friend from critiquing me, telling me what was wrong with me. And endings? Forget that-I could barely commit to a beginning! Not getting the job or losing one – I ran from these things!!

Anxiety and depression had hold of me for years. Perfection reigned, after all if I was holding up all corners of the tent and performing in the circus who could complain?

I had no idea what it meant to have my own goals of success. I had borrowed concepts from others, society, friends, parents; but had none of my own.¬† I didn’t trust myself¬† to dig deep and act on what I truly wanted for me. What if I “looked” like a¬† failure?

I should also mention I excelled at self-sabotage. I worked hard, but never felt like I fit in or deserved success (whatever that meant). It took me years and a lot of falling down to figure out who I was, what I actually wanted and to “be”,¬† just to “be” me. I had a major excavation project with getting thru the layers of bricks I’d built around my heart.

Today, I feel like a kid, free, happy and carefree. ¬†There is still the “me”, who struggles with the remains of being a¬†recovering¬†perfectionist. Even though anxiety rarely pops up nowadays and depression is more of a memory¬† it has been pointed out to me by two people who are very close to me, I’m still hard on myself.¬†That is something I make small choices about many times a day, when I find myself becoming rigid, I try to relax myself physically and tell myself that I am doing what I can and that is all I am willing to do, period. It helps!

Everyday I make it a point to be kind to myself (even if I’m having an off day), not hold high expectations of what “I”¬† alone can accomplish; I reach out and ask for help, trust that all will be well and continue to not necessarily welcome disappointment, but I don’t run from it, because I am far more resilient. An oft-repeated phrase, this too shall pass, is an absolute truth.

I ¬†believe I can have the existence I want for myself.¬† I can see clearly where I want to be, its been there for years; I just wore really dark sunglasses while I took the scenic route. I am always aware now. I don’t control timing, situations or other people and so, for now, as I continue to believe and be open to what the Universe brings into my life, I am letting go more and HAVING FUN!

I appreciate my life, but still have times when I don’t …

All of us human beings, enlightened and unenlightened get to experience the full realm of emotions, issues and inner voices too. We all deserve the life we want, so just believe it can happen for you! No matter how far you or I come on our journey, there is always something in us (big or small), that needs acceptance, to be loved, and told its “okay”, its time to take off and fly; let go and be.

Say a Little Prayer

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. In the afternoon, I had a client and afterwards I taught a class. My client is a poet. It was her birthday and so, along with a couple of other goodies…I decided I wanted to provide a special gift.

The evening before, was Open Mic in the space where my coaching office is located. Open mic started a year ago and had one guest the first evening. This past Friday night, there were 25 people in attendance. Amazing!

The environment is safe, warm and inviting to all. My client, the poet, read aloud her collection of three poems. She attends the Open Mic monthly and has developed quite a reputation for her lively, sultry poetry. She has grown in confidence and presence; it was lovely to witness.

As she read one of her poems, I was listening to what the meaning was for her as to why she wrote it; it was a poem about her soulmate coming into her life. It was almost like a prayer.

It got me thinking. A prayer. Yup, her birthday was the next day and it was time to turn that poem written from her heart and soul into a prayer. The place in which my office, Que Linda Tu is located employs individuals five days a week who provide massage therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, readings, energy work and more.

Yesterday, I ask Ken who started a prayer circle in this sacred space if he would work with our poet. And I ask the poet if she would like to engage in creating a prayer for herself from that poem. She agreed and so did Ken.

They sat on the floor and started to dig a little deeper into the poem, into her heart and beyond her mind. We moved beyond what she had felt possible for herself and into what she believed had been impossible for years. The prayer was made and already the prayer circle widened. I know this prayer will come true.

This young man has already worked with two other people in creating their prayers. Both of these people came back right away, to let him know that within a month their prayers had come true. Magic? Or is it the power of belief and intention in a clear statement of desire? It seems having more minds holding your prayer for you also moves it along; whether you call it a prayer, the law of attraction or just believing….it really does work. I have read how people have been healed of all sorts of ailments and at the other end of the spectrum, I have read how dreams come true with all that focused intention.

Sometimes it takes a village. And as always, we are connected to one another and when one receives, we all receive. I too, decided to take my belief that I have been holding on my own and share it yesterday too. Something I used to believe was impossible, I now believe possible…it will come true.

I would love to hear about people manifesting their desires whether through prayer, writing it down, a vision board or whatever tool has helped you to create something you wanted in your life. Please email me at or please leave a comment.

Victoria on Asking for and Receiving Wealth


My wanting to achieve wealth in all areas of my life, NOT just financial; came the realization that I had to open up to things beyond what I know and do.

What I know and do so far have me where I am right now.

An opportunity came around to help an old friend market a ‚Äúword of mouth, grass roots hair product”.¬† The product is sold on-line, and has just started radio advertising to correlate with the availability of the product at the California Summer Fairs.

She asked for friends and family to help promote and sell the product at the LA FAIR.

My thought (old mentality): my  step-daughters can use the extra money and have a great opportunity to create networking connections.  I went with them to the interview to ensure everything was applicable to their ability & time schedule.

The UNIVERSE brought ME the OPPORTUNITY, as well.

At the interview for the girls, I was asked to help with the one-month sales blitz at the fair.  I was asked to be Supervisor and just like that,  the opportunity to make some extra money appeared!

OK Universe, I see you winking at me.

I started using the product a few weeks before starting to sell it at the fair.  It turned out to be what I had been searching for on my own in hair care. I had previously spent an in excess money & time trying to find the right product for my hair.

Here I was being provided the product so I could be part of the product family.¬† I have learned, as I established my business, this is A WAY OF LIFE.¬† This company lives it as a way of life‚ÄĒthey live abundantly. And they have shared with others.

It is an enrichment of my daily life that has become a way to earn a living.¬† A mirror, to how I see, project and do my “business.”

Last night I worked the evening shift at the fair.  I felt good about the number of transactions and money that my step-daughter and I produced for the company.

Most importantly the stories and conversations, we shared and heard from those customers wanting to enrich themselves with this product, were incredible! Many were return customers, who were so happy to see us and the product! They spent time with us, sharing their testimonials.  What  fun!

I woke up exhausted from working two jobs this month. BUT I am living, FULL, ENRICHED & FEELING ACCOMPLISHED as I AM THE WAY OF LIFE I PROFESS & YES RICHER/WEALTHIER FOR IT.  

As I read through morning emails I received one from the Manager of the product¬† company. The email indicated what a GREAT JOB we were doing.¬† The company will be rewarding EACH shift group a “kitty/pool” for reaching company goals.¬† Each shift that reaches the company goals will get money in the “kitty/pool”. At the end of the month ALL monies added to the pool are divided by the people in that¬† shift.

WOW-extra money for doing what we are doing.

GREAT! The email also stated, because some of us are driving long distances our paycheck would have some EXTRA money added to it, to help ease the gas crunch.

It’s the little things that we do that pay dividends to our efforts.

So, today here is to the Little Efforts that have brought dividends for this work. This is a stepping stone to manifesting the larger dividends…which will be revealed in my own work with my own business.¬† I will continue to apply these smaller practices on a larger scope and see the results at the end of this year’s journey.

I thank you for Winking at me today, Universe.

Believing update at 355 days

This week has been one of more mental or emotional changes, rather than actual ‚Äútangible‚ÄĚ results to support what I believe will happen for me in the next 354 days.

My friend Victoria will be getting back to me on her progress this week too and I will post again.

Small challenges abound, meant to go through, accept and still find the belief that what I asked for and believed in, will come to be very soon.

I’m a very private person; I keep my personal life to myself, so it‚Äôs very odd to share any of this in a public domain. My hope is people may relate and know others share the struggles and triumphs of being human.

I am very happy to say; I am watching my coaching and readings grow. I have found my abilities to provide a fruitful and solid reading have grown immensely over the years. As I trust, it grows. My coaching has evolved in the same manner. I love my clients and watching them blossom in their own gardens of life.

I work for kindest man in my marketing job. He’s awesome; he really cares about others and pragmatically he has been successful in past endeavors. This week was a bit challenging for us all. Our product has a delay of 30 days added onto the launch; it is unfortunate, because we are trying to get it to the marketplace a.s.a.p. We are a small start-up, so every day counts! On another note we have other business deals, which show promise, including a possible advertising partnership with a global company. We are off to a conference tomorrow, which should bring us a bit of recognition and allows us to continue developing relationships with other resources.

I am blessed to work with great people in both areas that I work; we have a lot of fun!

I’ve decided for myself that not only is ‚Äúbelieving‚ÄĚ where it‚Äôs at, love is part of this project. I am all about LOVE. On my journey, LOVE has been a concept, an idea and finally a reality in terms of actually feeling what it truly means. After all, I believe its why were all here, to learn and experience self-love, intimate love, love of friends and family, love of one another because we exist.

In my belief that I will be married within the year, it stems from my knowing that simple true love is the only thing worth having; the material is only a concern in having basic needs met, some comfort and of course, how it affects a person in how they feel about themselves. Many people to feel successful need to have a certain amount of prosperity under their belt, I understand. It can get in the way of someone‚Äôs ability to love themselves when they identify with money as a characteristic of success as a human being. I‚Äôve had money and been without it—for me it has little to do with how I define myself these days.

My recent relationship was with someone, who to me was beautiful in many ways, just not ready for what I need for myself in a relationship. And for the first time in my life it was time for me to consider my own feelings first, not just what someone else wanted. I‚Äôm being mindful and keeping this brief. What we had was amazing; beyond anything I could imagine in terms of connection- he was my best friend. I miss him everyday. Synchronicity ran rampant and yes, still the signs show up everyday and that is fascinating. And to have someone see you for who you truly are and accept you, likewise of course, both of those were gifts among many others we had with each other. And so, interestingly enough, because I’ve learned to love me, I’m okay knowing IT IS ALL possible. What I want exists; I’m ready for it! ¬†Whatever is meant to be, will be‚Ķ.¬† oughta be an interesting ride!

It has been a challenging¬†(ripping the middle seam on my very old crepe-paper-like shorts at the gym today was a highlight-haha)and sweet week for me in terms of holding true to the belief of what I want coming to fruition in a satisfactory manner‚ÄĒthere is not settling in any area of my life, so I have to stay connected to the Universal truth and my belief in a higher, wiser loving power.

Another opportunity exists now to love all that is and bring it BIG time to all individuals who’s path I cross…. we all want to be loved, so let the loving begin! Smiling at every stranger’s face I see….sometimes I get lost in my own world, so my goal is to be more mindful and pay attention wherever I am.

Life has its disappointments; today my youngest daughter had to weather a disappointment that she feels she will have trouble moving on from now. And I explained there is always a gift in disappointment (she just rolls her eyes to that one) and things will turn out better than she believes in the days that follow. I subscribe to that belief in my own life, we never know what awaits us each day and that is the beauty of life. I let go and let it flow. I can’t force, manipulate or pretend. And now in all areas I believe I’m going to receive. Yes!!