What is in YOUR heart? Part three

Merry Holidays to everyone whatever you may be celebrating today! I hope you have been experiencing inner and outer joy, peace and well-being. Here is the my last post on the question I asked, “What is in your Heart? to 25 people. If you would like to read part one, click here and for part two, click here. Today I start off with a man who is a seeker of inner wisdom, joy and connection. His answer to my question, gave me pause to reflect and see how where I utilize “verbs” in my life to support what I say I want.

He said: 1st of all, thank you for the opportunity to cause me to reflect what is important to come from my heart. A lot of noise clouds my head when thinking about what is important and to not mistake the heart’s desire from the ego., n’est-ce pas? The first three are the most important to me. They will make the others possible to a greater degree, as they have to be done in a strict order and they are shown in the order of their importance. The next six are equal, followed by teaching.
1. Being
2. Doing
3. Having
4. Sharing
5. Loving
6. Creating
7. Listening
8. Observing
9. Healing
10. Teaching
These are one word “pictures”. If you stand in front of them, you will not be able to see much. However, if you take a few steps back and take a “look” at the picture as a whole, each one should be worth a thousand words. Connecting is a word I wanted to use, but it seems to be inherent in a lot of the other words. Growing was another word, but growth and learning would be inevitable for me in being conscious (or sub-conscious) of the 10 things in my heart. Doing this exercise has inspired me to write a short story I was thinking about. I’m going to write it tonight while I am still at the keyboard. I’ll send it to you when it is done.


This answer is from a very bright woman, who has been in the midst of re-building from an accident she experienced on the job this year, along with other events which I am sure teste her own connection to her heart. Here is her list:

1. Blessing from God.
2. Physical healing.
3. Love.
4. Financial freedom.
5. Strength.
6. Acceptance.
7. Physical Strength and stability.
8. Peace.
9. Joy. Laughter.
10. Go back to work!
Thank you for including me!


This next one was an awesome display of connection in the end to one’s heart. At first the question posed to a dear, friend…my soul sister, threw her for a loop and she didn’t know what was being asked or how to get there, but she found it once she “looked”. Here is what she said:

I don’t know if I can give you 10, but I will give them to you the best I can… We have a busy day and night, so I might add some as I go along.

1. Joy…

2. Awe…

3. Love…

4. Fear…

That’s about as far as I can go, without adding my brain into it. I know that I am much more empathetic then I was when I was younger and I feel pain and sadness, for people and things that are going on in the world, but that is when I think about things… I am a little retarded, you might have to walk me thru this♥

(And I didn’t walk her through it, she found her own candle)

Amazement of the simplicity of happiness, frustration with people who are just wasting their lives and damaging their kids with their poisonous behavior….Thoughts?

It is funny that you bring this up. I was just telling my husband how simple happiness is… I figured out this morning that I answered my own message..hahaha. I am glad you liked my responses. It was nice to do an emotional inventory, I hope it helped… Love you!


This one is from a client of mine, who has been on a journey to well-being, happiness and inner peace. He has made such huge strides in his life, I am happy to be a long for the ride. He said: 

This is on the fly so…..








Self love


After the last session I think I got through some things.I’m looking forward to more open views of my life. This list represents some things that are there now and some that I’m open for. Hope and faith are mostly for the future,that I’ll continue to grow. Thanks as always.


There were four people who answered with similar responses that I mentioned on my first post: What is in YOUR Heart? Part One A few that weren’t mentioned on that list by these four people were: Light, Enlightenment, feeling, warmth, hope, belief, desire, forgiveness, peace, quiet, harmony and spirit.


I asked a man who is a straight shooter, always standing up for what is right and trying to figure out where he went wrong…when that clearly has not been the goal. He has physical heart problems and this started in his 40s. His list read as follows:

  • Well I have love, pain, a hole that needs to be filled, Compassion, hurt, hate, joy, 5 stents, fear, And God! I hope that helps.


The answer to what is in your heart from one of the happiest people I know is a woman who espouses self-love, a self-proclaimed (and others agree) Reiki Goddess and her investment in living a blissful existence. Here is her list:

1. Disneyland

2. Jesus

3. Compassion

4. Kindness

5. Acceptance

6. Puppies

7. Cupcakes (pink with rainbow sprinkles)

8. Love

9. Buddha

10. Power


This last one is by another man who I know as a friend. He was very reticent to participate and answer the question. He didn’t want to visit his heart, because he had fear when it comes to what he may find locked deep inside. He shared the following as to what he deemed to be true for him:

1) I want to see my children grow up & have healthy, happy, lives.

2) I want to travel and experience other cultures (non-tourist type stuff)

3) Financially be worry free

4) Give freely of my time to help those in need.

5) Build a “retreat” where I & others can safely explore and grow.

Nothing after that.


That completes this series, but opens up a whole new slew of questions that I want to ask. I learned so much about the “heart” on this little adventure it makes me yearn to know more about my fellow walkers of this life and planet. If you have suggestions for questions or want to share your experiences, please let me know. Communication is my ride! So please join me!


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