What if….

The Law of Attraction is a big topic of conversation.

Thinking, believing and acting within a certain “boundary,” which is supposedly unlimited in abundance will bring you just what you always wanted.

The “boundary,” I describe is trying to limit your thoughts and beliefs to a positive space.

And so, people wrestle those demons to the ground. Those pesky ones, which mentally and emotionally get in the way of Nirvana. Except Nirvana doesn’t show up on time or ever. And the Law of Attraction is bemoaned.

What if, we look at a bigger picture.

What if, we’ve narrowed our focus too much, believing this is the only way we will have lives which satisfy us, with all the goodies we ever dreamed?

In looking at the big picture, one word looms large.


here's hoping

Bob down the street practiced his daily mantra about believing he is the King of Ireland and surprise, he remained, just Bob down the street.

And what about Joyce, she is several different “holics” numbing her way through life, and she just happened to buy a lotto ticket, which won her the jackpot!

One worked at the Law of Attraction, the other just got lucky, or so it seems.

What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another.

We seem to want a cure-all, one-size fits all formula, but wait! I’m an individual, so the one-size fits all must be unique for me.

There is no cure-all for being human and the lack of control we experience in external factors.

I believe in the “What If Scenario.” I’m always curious as the answers remain unknown to the key; let’s imagine different things are true and say…


If we’re all connected like a finely woven fabric, wouldn’t it make sense that there are many other factors involved in things, people and opportunities coming to us? Wouldn’t there be a timing (not a time on the calendar or the clock) involved as to when something lands in our environment?


What if, no matter what your mindset or belief system is, it has no impact on what comes your way? What if, we believe we have free will, but everything is pre-destined? What if, we decided before we were born the lessons, the experiences and the people we would encounter in this life? And what if what I am saying is true, because if we are all really connected than everything we say and do effects someone, somewhere at some time. Something like the Butterfly Effect.

“What you should do with such information,” if it’s true?

Work on your belief system, your joy, your desires, your light, your dark and everything in between. What is meant by work on, is not really work. It’s simple, it’s to accept all parts of you, as is, to know your desires and find your passion.

When you do that, it stops mattering so much if you attract something or someone in a timely manner or at all, because you are living in your “zone.”

Our belief system can give us anxiety and cause us much angst, if we don’t shine a light on our own truth.

What if, when it is illuminated and we see our frailties, inconsistencies, hairballs, and everything that we have trouble accepting as part of the whole, attracting things to cure it ceases to be on the agenda.

Realistically, our happiness cannot rely on what we attract, it relies on how we feel, see and live with ourselves. The thinking, feeling and acting we worry so much about in what we attract, shouldn’t be our focus.

What if, letting go of what repetitive thoughts and beliefs make our inner world full of suffering and punishment, perhaps, is the only way to our inner peace. Acceptance stops the punishment.

The thinking, feeling and taking action, should come from our joy, our truth, our darkness, our happiness and stand for who we are–wholly.

What if, when we exist in this place of just “being, participating and accepting,” all sorts of doors open up without forcing them.

What if, the more we go into our deepest nature, our most contented space of self-realization and that all is well, it doesn’t matter if anything is predestined or we have free will, we’re living from a place of connection. Connected to life.



2 thoughts on “What if….

  1. Great Post. I don’t like fatalistic thinking like karma either. Positive affirmations equally are a delusion.
    When we make a plan to get something realized in the near present there are indeed some choices to be made. Are these choices what if questions? I’m not sure – there are some, but they are not the most important ones.
    Whenever I plan, I often go out of moderately bad case scenario’s (I don’t think about earth quakes :-), so my plans are quite realistic and often meet the deadline. If there are too many what ifs (3 in a row) in a planning it’s better not to start at all.
    “What if I would have done … ” in the past tense is completely useless. History can’t be rewritten.
    Thinking in the present and choosing the next step (and thinking about the one just after that), looks like a solid scenario for getting things realized.

    1. I totally agree with you about “what if,” in the past tense. it is completely useless–it can only be used to kick oneself with! : )

      I do, often ask my clients, especially the ones who worry a lot….what if you stop thinking of every single, possible scenario….what would happen? Do all of the scenarios you are worrying about and trying to get a leg up on, happen most of the time? Or are there many unforeseen circumstances? Thank you Bert!

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