List of 51 items in a box

I thought it may prove to be an interesting endeavor to see how many things fit in a box.

The following is a list of items we put into boxes. 

Special note** anything living that relates to emotions or happiness, doesn’t belong in a box. Everything with a pulse, which needs to breathe for its very survival, should really never go in a box.

Limitations create the walls and the lid for the box.

From this position, we wake each day with our perspective to live in the present with restraints based on the past. It is the place from where all possibilities, become impossibilities.

A box can show up in our actions, reactions, thoughts, feelings, fears, experiences, how we see and perceive events taking place in our lives. It is based on what we believe is true for our existence and we may not even be aware of  its affect. Please note* The contents also include things we hide or want to deny.

Life in a box is with our implicit consent; we stay within this familiar “known” space and allow it to act as a threshold to our daily life. It is the restriction of our dreams.

Sounds like a party in a box? Let’s bust the lid off some of these boxes! And then we’ll be OPEN and READY for Monday’s list of 60 items living and breathing in MY HEART (see bottom of post for more info).

51 things “off the top of my head” that go in a box:

  1. Hats
  2. Donuts
  3. Heartfelt emotions-about any subject where we are different or threatened.
  4. Shoes
  5. Caterpillars (waiting for them to become butterflies)
  6. Vulnerability
  7. Our insecurities
  8. Our dreams
  9. Pizza
  10. Love
  11. Fear
  12. Leftovers
  13. Jewelry
  14. Teeth
  15. Chocolate
  16. Grief
  17. You, me and anyone limited by the walls of the box
  18. Gloves
  19. Maps
  20. Anger
  21. Abundance
  22. Car registration
  23.  Matches
  24. Pasta
  25. Pills
  26. Fun (Hmmm, sound familiar “I want fun, but something bad could happen!”)
  27.  Addictions
  28. Dead things
  29. Crayons
  30. Loneliness
  31. Freedom
  32. Trust
  33. Smoked Salmon
  34. Cookies
  35. Crying
  36. Intimacy
  37. Laughter
  38. Passion
  39. Creativity
  40. Ashes
  41. Contents of my garage
  42. Mistakes
  43. Fulfillment
  44. Pencils
  45. Lunch
  46. Optimism
  47. Celebration
  48. True Success
  49. Sadness
  50. Wine
  51. Anxiety

Please feel free to add on to this list, the possibilities, ahem… are unlimited!

Be ready for the list on MONDAY… 60 items in MY HEART. And I will be happy to accept items from the hearts of EVERYONE, so please send em’ my way!! Email me at or leave a comment here or on my FB page