The Right Thing to do!

NY 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve.

Most people are looking forward. Either to their festivities of the evening or the year ahead. How will this year be different than the last in terms of “what you are doing or thinking?” Is anything really going to change with your perception?

Many people say the right thing to do today, is to make promises that you will change what isn’t working in your life. As though, a magical fairy will come along and *poof* the way you have done things and perceive life will now conclude.

If you are not looking within, there is no way a fairy or anything else will provide the runway to launching your life.

The dawning of a new year will have no impact on your ability to hold to these promises. The only commitment you can make, is to yourself outside the calendar of time.

The commitment to live in the NOW.

Instead of looking forward as a destination and the “place you want to be,” recognize most of life is a journey. We can re-invent that journey at any time by changing our perception. And to change that perception it means, a change in what you are thinking followed by what you do.

Let’s break this down a bit.

Living in the NOW means to be “emotionally and physically” present. Not checked out on your current activity or life. it means to fully experience what is happening now. It doesn’t mean you personalize it or make it about you, it means you recognize, see and say “okay, this is now. You don’t even have to understand it, just connect with the moment.

Understanding will always come when we just allow it to, by staying connected and moving through your life.

Living in the future, means there is a better and more improved version of you or your life. It is not today’s pieces and parts, it is the idealized version of what you want. The main issue with living in this manner; we are never in the present moment to recognize our thoughts and feelings, which set up each moment that follows. And if we are NOT here, each moment that follows is the same as the last. We have no clue as to why we do what we do, when we are not fully present today, we miss out on creating a different tomorrow.

What is the right thing to do today?

Commit to yourself and what you want. When you look at what you want, ask yourself how ready you are to receive it? What stands in the way?

The easiest way to recognize what stands in the way, is to ask yourself what has been standing in your way all along, within yourself, which has kept you from getting to what you want?

It is the same today as it was yesterday. And if you can start to recognize where you haven’t wanted to commit to yourself and why, then you can begin to have different moments. The more you commit to you, the more present you will find yourself each day.

Even when you do mundane activities, these are the greatest times to connect with you. Ask yourself how you feel as you perform your tasks, recognize the water on your hands as you wash the dishes, when you make your bed notice how it feels to stretch out and pull the fitted sheet into place. Notice you are fully engaged in the moment when you connect to the doing.

Notice life now.

Today is a moment, you can change the next moment by committing to you and your happiness, success and accepting all of you, just as you are. Be well!