It’s important…

A list of what is important:

1. To remember who you are deep in your heart and soul.

2. Feel childlike exuberance experiencing a simple thing in your life everyday.

3. To have awareness of your thoughts, which can shift your mood out of being content and into disharmony.

4. Say out loud “I love you” to yourself each day.

5. To share your love with others in words and actions with each possible opportunity.

6. To explore beyond your own limitations.

7. To not run from fear, but hold hands with it as you encounter obstacles.

8. To take a RISK, regularly, courageously and with a sense of humor. 

9. Be excited, don’t hide from disappointment, if it comes…you will survive.

10. To connect your dreams to your goals of what is possible in your life to achieve.

11. To visit with nature, the sky and not resist all that exists around you.

12. To speak up, state your feelings and know you are entitled to them no matter what anyone else thinks.

13. To say “yes” more often or for some of you to say “no.”

14. Close your eyes and remember all the love given freely to you and how wonderful that feels.

15. To treat yourself with kindness and compassion; forgive your past.

16. Forgive others. You don’t have to forget what transpired, but heal the wound.

17. Enjoy the shit out of this life, because each moment you don’t is a lost opportunity for joy.

18. Accept yourself–all of you–even the parts you want to hide and don’t like…its the road to peace.

19. Do something new often; it keeps you young, alive and vibrant.

20. Fail. Allow failure. It’s the best teacher and it allows you to embrace your humaness.

21. Let go of expectations, just like throwing a penny off a bridge; the velocity for which they leave you offers you that freedom.

22. Recognize your prison walls and that you have the key.

23. Play. Laugh. Be silly.

24. Be vulnerable, share your innermost self with another; trust you will survive.

25. Have courage, be bold and create. Touch your creativity and life will bloom.

Please feel free to share anything you’d like to add to the list.