5 Things You Should Do Every Morning



I was thinking of a condensed list to start your day off successfully.

If you practice these daily, you will find over time that everything in your life starts to look more like a bright, shiny object that you really,really like—even if it is old. You will also find that things get easier and goals come quicker.

Here are the 5 things to start your day off on the right foot.

  1. When you go to bed the night before, right before you conk out visualize a goal in your life. As you visualize the goal, feel it through your body, as though it is already happening for you. Feel it, smile and know that you’re not in Oz….but when you wake the next day, you’ve set your subconscious to look for opportunities to fulfill the goal.
  2. If you set your alarm to wake up, set it 5-10 minutes early. Turn it off, but lay there and visualize your day in the most positive way. If potential problems have filtered there way into your mind, take this time and just be with them. This is one of your clearest points in the day, before distractions start and you are fully awake, so take advantage of your inner clarity.
  3. Exercise in the morning. This sets your day straight, because you actually have more energy and focus once you do…it allows you to accomplish more with a bounce in your step.
  4. Take your time. When you are rushed to get to work or start your day, you set the tone for what follows. No matter what is happening, you can take the time to take a deep breath and consciously slow your pace. 
  5. Write in your journal. Personally, I write in my gratitude journal first thing in the morning, so I feel more in alignment with myself and appreciative of life, even on less rosy mornings. If you don’t keep a gratitude journal, try writing for a few minutes about a topic that you’ve been avoiding. Don’t try to finish the topic and come up with a solution now, allow it to just be as it is. When you return to your journal and see the topic the next day, you will definitely have a different perspective on the subject.

All of these tips are meant to lighten your morning load and start your day off in a much more harmonious fashion. Watch what happens after one week of practicing each of these 5 things and let me know the results, I bet you’ll be surprised!!!


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At The End Of Your Manifesting Rope?


Yep…been there, done that and every time I get to the end of the rope, I’ve tied a bigger knot and re-focused on what I wanted to create.

Not only did I keep moving forth, I dropped some nasty-ass obstacles along the way…only to find myself looking at the same list I had for about 10 years. Same items on the list, what could it mean? Was it true had I never really moved any closer to living the life I wanted?

Tell me….what was that all about? And how did I not just crumple up every list I had and say “screw it!”

I let a huge sigh and thought, how many more books will I read on manifesting abundance? How many more sages would I listen to and think I had found the magic key? Only to find it just wasn’t the case…..because all it would make me do is get excited and really, truly follow directions only to find it didn’t work or perhaps, it does work, it’s just not on my timetable?

Then I’d hear another success story and think “Hmmm…perhaps, I am missing something?” And then the treasure hunt would continue. I definitely was not the same person, as I started out as when I embarked on this journey. It had definitely changed me for the calmer, happier and freer, BUT when those BIG goals that I had my eye on FOR YEARS were still elusive….I decided something just had to be done!!!!!


Go read, “Think and Grow Rich” or “The Science of Getting Rich” or any other book on manifesting, AGAIN? Geezus NO! 

Did it mean writing another list on what I should manifest in better language? In a different way, so that this time perhaps the Universe would hear me? NO.

Should I stop working with my beliefs that have held me back from the deeper connection to myself and my own happiness? NO.

Hmmm…perhaps it meant going in a direction without integrity or some other “quick get what I want scheme” through some sort of manipulation? NO.

No banging my head on a wall, no thinking anyone was more or less blessed than me, no more wondering what could be the fatal flaw I just couldn’t see (since I had been convinced it existed like an eyesore in the middle of my face where everyone else could see it), no more feeling compelled to let guilt hogtie me when I wasn’t doing enough or being enough or showing up enough or eating hamburgers enough…or whatever!

Did it mean to jut sit in front of the tube and say “fuck it?” NO.

Oh, oh, oh…did it mean I needed to lower my standards in both love and money or something, scrape by and go head long into some scarcity prison? HELL NO.

Should I give up the joy in the simple things like nature, listening to my kids, hanging with my friends, painting, coaching, writing? NO.

Hey…I’ve even found joy in shopping, years ago it used to fill an empty hole, then I felt it was ridiculous to be materially driven and now…now I understand the excitement and joy that can be felt when we really buy something for ourselves that gives us a smile, a feeling of love for giving to ourselves…so should I give that up to and stick to berry picking for my food? NO.

Then WTF?!?!?!

I’m no more fucked up than the next person, we have the same opportunities, right? YES.

We get to choose between passion and slogging it out, right? YES.

There’s also the choice to live into one’s goals as a gain, as opposed to feeling like the tooth fairy will leave us change under our pillow for what we have lost, right? YES.

Letting go feels way better than holding on….right? YES.

So, what was my answer?

  • Focus on my passion–do it daily.
  • Keep clearing out the dead wood of old beliefs that no longer supported me and kept me feeling STUCK and TRAPPED.
  • Find my joy and gratitude for what I have everyday.
  • Let go of the outcome, totally and completely, so as not to use it as a weapon to beat myself with
  • Not look to replace what I thought I lost, but to instead to look for the abundance in everything, even if it’s a bunch of beautiful leaves on the ground.

And keeping it this simple, guess what???? The manifestations that had been impossible in my intense state of MUST create, became within hand’s reach when I relaxed.

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