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In this month’s newsletter, some of the inspiring and thought-provoking articles are below.

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Where is Home? By Eric Vogt (He practices Buddhist meditation and studies Vajrayana, Soto Zen, & Theravada.)

What or where is “home”? What or where is that sense of total acceptance, belonging and comfort? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Is home really where the heart is? Is it even spatial?  My childhood home was recently sold, I have some wonderful memories of growing up in a much simpler time, but there were some not so wonderful memories in that home also.  Good or bad, it helped shape me but it is no longer part of my reality. Read more.

8 Causes of Cravings by Monique Cassis AADP, HHC (She is board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioner as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor and A.C.E. certified as a personal trainer.)

 Look at the foods, deficits and behaviors in your life that are the underlying causes of your cravings. Many people view cravings as weakness, but really they are important messages meant to assist you in maintaining balance. When you experience a craving, deconstruct it. Ask yourself, what does my body want and why? The eight primary causes of cravings are: Read More.

The Perfect Woman by Mark Keleske (He travels around the country several times a year, and is passionate about his only sports vice and team:  College Football and the Boise State Broncos.)

 I was driving around town with my dispatcher Vanessa, who was doing a “ride along”, i.e. she got to ride along with me to see what I do “out there”.  Vanessa is a woman most people would envy, she is an old soul who inhabits a young body.   She is extremely well travelled, having been to places many most people never see in their lifetime.  She also has a deep perspective on life, so I knew she would understand what I was about to say when I pulled up to this stoplight. Read More.

Loss, Grief and Gratitude by Natalie Dunbar ( At night and on the weekends, you’ll find her coaching walkers – for Team In Training, the largest fundraising arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a cause that she has been involved with since 2007).

But within seconds of answering the phone I knew this was no congratulatory call. 

 Instead she called to break the news of a tragic cycling accident that claimed the life of a former marathon teammate the day before, wanting to tell me before I read about it Facebook, where many of us often go to share congratulations and race recaps. Read More.

How Would You Define Good Health? by Dr. Rion Zimmerman (He is a Wellness Chiropractor specializing in preventative hands on care with extensive knowledge related to families.)

Symptoms are a poor barometer of health and usually show up late in the disease process. Would you rather choose a lifestyle of wellness so your body functions at an optimal level or live the typical American lifestyle and unknowingly allow various diseases progress to a level of crisis before you seek action? Read More.

You can check out other articles by others in this month’s newsletter too. ENJOY!!