Believing and Well…..Believing, Part 1

How to begin this post?

First, the key is ABUNDANCE in all things.

I am stating it as though I just learned this concept, but it REALLY clicked!

Believing in scarcity creates fear, tightening of the belt, not making decisions to bring you FULFILLING success and leaves you feeling stuck. Why? It’s the fear of ending up with NOTHING!

I am okay with nothing; as long as I keep moving toward what I believe will happen for me. I make a left turn, instead of a right one. I’ve also learned what the words, synchronicity, dreams, acceptance, peace, unconditional love, kindness and self-love actually mean for me–rather than just lip service or the place more fortunate human beings make decisions from…I have learned these are my deepest truth.

Abundance creates a straighter path to your goals; when you risk by making choices which could be scary, but are “in-line” with your goals–you are holding up your end of the bargain!!

In essence, you are stating: “Obstacles will NOT hold me back; I BELIEVE I will attain this goal or maybe even something better!” And the Universe jumps right in by providing you opportunities to get there!

When we come from scarcity, you may as well say your evening commute home has an extra 50 miles every night. And as you drive this l-o-n-g road home, your only thought may be worrying if you have a home when you get there! What if something happened while I was gone? What if the house blew up? Or its been repossessed—I won’t have the safety of my home anymore!! Oh my!!! Even though, I am not crazy about that home…its the home I know!! Now to live from your heart and what you want in your life, sometimes you have to give up the long zig-zagging drive, put the home you know–up for sale, so you can move onto a happier, more satisfying place to hang your bird feeder.

When making commitments to believing certain things are gonna happen for you, it creates a Universal shift.

Especially when you start making different decisions outside of your comfort zone. New choices targeted to what you want to manifest in your life.

My life has already changed since making those declarations almost a month ago! Seriously…that is why this is going to require a few posts backtracking over the last 5 days.

I noticed early last week that little symbols of synchronicity were appearing in my life. Items such as sunflowers, ladybugs, hummingbirds, butterflies, pennies and white feathers are some of the guideposts I keep an eye out for on a regular basis.

One evening, I was moving my comforter when I saw something small and red. I swiped it off my bed, as I was moving my hand I touched it, realizing it was a ladybug. I looked on the floor, but couldn’t find the ladybug–so strange considering none of the windows or doors were open in my home. The next morning I came back from the gym and the ladybug was on my pillow, I sat down and it crawled onto my finger. Little did I know this would be the start of so many messages I’d be receiving the past several days.

Last Friday, I was going on a road trip with my daughter to the wedding of a dear friend. I was so excited to be going, which is quite different than how I used to feel about weddings. I decided to treat the week-end like an adventure, being in the groove of the living! It was going to be “fun”, going with the flow and being happy in the moment.

We hit no traffic on the way up to the mountains, although I did receive a speeding ticket (and hey, the officer was kind enough to take 6 miles off the speed), I didn’t allow it to alter my mood. We arrived and immediately went up into the mountains. We got out at one dirt trail wearing our flip flops (the thought never occurred to change shoes) as we were trying to locate a beautiful site I remembered from my last trip there. We found it with ease and my daughter was amazed at its natural beauty.

I love nature and if I could live in a hammock between two trees, I would be pretty happy!

As I went to bed that night, I inhaled and exhaled, letting myself accept all that is not happening in my life and what I have lost along the way, giving way to allow myself peace. Little did I know the dream I would have that night; followed the next morning by the CRAZY synchronicity, which happened as I came to the deepest place of acceptance, love and truly letting go. Giving my “unresolved wants” up to God/Universe.

Stay tuned for my next post on my dream, THE CRAZY SYNCHRONICITY, what I made peace with…why believing, trusting and having faith in yourself and a higher power really do make things easier, if we just allow it! Til then….be well!

Victoria elaborates on her Wink from the Universe

This is a follow up to my recent post about my work and my wink from the Universe. I feel it is important to share further my experience with the Wink the Universe gave to me, when placing me in a position to “help” the business of a friend.

Customer reaction to the product my friend sells has been tremendous. I learned that she and the company: educate, provide important usage information and allow for the customer to experience real, natural and multiple benefits to this product which becomes integrated into their daily life.

Customers who were educated on how to use it for themselves, LOVED the product, shared the news and spread the word about the benefits. Those who did not “like” it, had not received the proper information and usage of application.  These individuals were not utilizing it as it was intended, so they were unable to see its real benefit.

Through working at this business opportunity, I discovered it was a mirror to how I see, project and do my own “business.”

This past Saturday, I came into the business I own, Que Linda Boutique. Kenny who is one of my young soul workers was present. We started discussing how we cannot just let life happen to us and then have a reaction to it…

We must pull out our compass and navigate our steps. We must take it upon ourselves to Dance with the Universe to manifest our wants, desires and needs.

I had asked the Universe to aid me with bringing to my business the Wealth of Good and Authentic Customers. The intention is for those who are invested in really doing the Work, and authentic to their own process to come and share their experience with us. In stating this manifestation I realized I was missing the ultimate step.   

My boutique provides/offers items that have great benefit to our daily life; these items impart tools and benefits to aiding an individual in a journey of love and positive life experience. I discovered through this other job that I need to be aware that each customer may not know how to utilize our products, services or offerings to the fullest benefit for THEM. In my list of manifestations; I am asking to go onward and upward with my business. This includes my customers, family, abundance and prosperity, and my health of mind/body and spirit.  I realize I must do the work to aid in the education to my clients of our products and services for practical and every day usage.

After discussing this on Saturday with Kenny, the young soul worker, we continued to move our new merchandise around, creating and setting the day in the boutique.

A recent addition to our “offerings” is a “Prayer Request”. It was created for our customers to participate allowing them to release their intentions to US, so we can aid with connecting, praying and calling for their intentions and prayers to manifest. As we were doing our work, UNDERSTANDING our part in providing the education of how to use our products and setting our intention for the day; the synchronistic began to dance within our sacred space.

A beloved customer, Carol, came in as we were speaking of our sacred space. She is manifesting her intentions so similar to our own…just in her way…for her business.  As we spoke, another Soul Worker, Kriste, stopped by because of my request a couple of days ago.  She was asked to meet with our customer Carol, but wonderfully enough, Kriste needed Carol and her energy too.

From that point on the day just FLOWED with customers, family stopping by to receive an infusion of positive energy and to participate in what was needed for our clients…conversation, information and spiritual networking.  It was so fun to witness!!!

We all loved, sharing energy and supplying our wealth of information to our customers. The day flew by while we received others and learned from our customers with their wealth of information; offering guidance, spiritual networking and so much more. I did the closing register numbers for the day. So much gratitude already for what had transpired from our own Understanding, to the Universe bringing, guiding and allowing these amazing experiences with our customers….a surprise awaited me.

For the 1st time, without an “event” or “workshop” pulling customers in…it was just us, just me, just the boutique doing our work…we made my daily business goal!!

It was a goal I have been shooting for since we opened the doors 3 years ago!!!  It is just one day. But, it is the start. It is the Universe’s wink to me, showing me when I DO as I Know, it all comes and flows. That which I am ASKING the Universe to do for me, can ONLY be done IF I participate.  If I articulate.  If I educate.  If I apply the real life!!

So once again Universe you bring to me that which I need! You show me how and I understand. I know it is for me to do, Learn/Educate and LIFT UP TO THE HIGHEST, so that I can be, receive and have the HIGHEST.


P.S. I received this email from Kriste on Sunday.

Hello Ladies!

Just wanted to say how wonderful and perfect it was to be with you on Saturday!  “Serendipitous synchronicity…the universe unfolding in perfect timing with a chuckle!” Emma, Victoria…thank you for introducing me to Carol…another “angel softly walking” on the planet.

And Carol, what a beautiful unfolding in our first meeting…thank you for allowing me to be of service and as promised, I will be sending you shortly, the info about the essences and oils “called in” to our Sacred Healing Space session at Body ‘N Soul/Que Linda Boutique.


The Believing Project, trucking on down the road

We’re now three weeks on the journey in “believing“. Some days I believe my intentions will become a reality and other days I find more likelihood in being an astronaut.  Believing requires my participation, moving out of my comfort zone, yet not forcing or settling for less than I truly deserve. Playing it safe is not allowed. To be clear, I’m talking about my comfort zone emotionally– I won’t be skydiving anytime soon!

Vulnerability has become my friend over the years–honesty is a BIG relief; I don’t invest in fairy tales.

Believing is not mimicking or achieving a fairy tale. It is a force of nature beyond myself, one that I intuitively feel on a deeper level, knowing these things will manifest. Only my brain blocks the way, when it takes me down memory lane, showing me HOW things didn’t work out in the past.

I’ve been clearing away the driftwood for a long time, resulting in my connection to love, kindness, happiness and just juicy living, which eventually wins over the old voices wanting me back in the cocoon.

I have been divorced for years. My journey began with wanting inner peace. I can attest at that time it’s not “where I was, who I was nor did I have a clue how to just “be”…  I was a perfectionist, stubborn, intellect was were I operated from ALWAYS;  I was prepared for almost any outcome.  And my heart? It was firmly buried beneath layers of protection, expectations, disappointment, false beliefs, depression– you  name it! All of these made for a pretty thick wall that I had no idea I had built.

Disappointment was my roommate, because I couldn’t deal with it for years. My disappointment in myself, others or things just not working out, made it impossible for me to ever shut off that inner critic. I remember trying to filter out anything that would make me feel bad. All forms of communication: email, phone, in-person. I couldn’t bear hearing I made a mistake or let someone down. I wore a steel armor to keep a critical friend from critiquing me, telling me what was wrong with me. And endings? Forget that-I could barely commit to a beginning! Not getting the job or losing one – I ran from these things!!

Anxiety and depression had hold of me for years. Perfection reigned, after all if I was holding up all corners of the tent and performing in the circus who could complain?

I had no idea what it meant to have my own goals of success. I had borrowed concepts from others, society, friends, parents; but had none of my own.  I didn’t trust myself  to dig deep and act on what I truly wanted for me. What if I “looked” like a  failure?

I should also mention I excelled at self-sabotage. I worked hard, but never felt like I fit in or deserved success (whatever that meant). It took me years and a lot of falling down to figure out who I was, what I actually wanted and to “be” just to “be” me. I had a major excavation project with getting thru the layers of bricks I’d built around my heart.

Today, I feel like a kid, free, happy and carefree.  There is still the “me”, who struggles with the remains of being a recovering perfectionist. Even though anxiety rarely pops up nowadays and depression is more of a memory  it has been pointed out to me by two people who are very close to me, I’m still hard on myself. That is something I make small choices about many times a day, when I find myself becoming rigid, I try to relax myself physically and tell myself that I am doing what I can and that is all I am willing to do, period. It helps!

Everyday I make it a point to be kind to myself (even if I’m having an off day), not hold high expectations of what “I”  alone can accomplish; I reach out and ask for help, trust that all will be well and continue to not necessarily welcome disappointment, but I don’t run from it, because I am far more resilient. An oft-repeated phrase, this too shall pass, is an absolute truth.

I  believe I can have the existence I want for myself.  I can see clearly where I want to be, its been there for years; I just wore really dark sunglasses while I took the scenic route. I am always aware now. I don’t control timing, situations or other people and so, for now, as I continue to believe and be open to what the Universe brings into my life, I am letting go more and HAVING FUN!

I appreciate my life, but still have times when I don’t …

All of us human beings, enlightened and unenlightened get to experience the full realm of emotions, issues and inner voices too. We all deserve the life we want, so just believe it can happen for you! No matter how far you or I come on our journey, there is always something in us (big or small), that needs acceptance, to be loved, and told its “okay”, its time to take off and fly; let go and be.

Victoria’s Journey: BEING LOVED; LOVING MY BEAU even when my Personal Behavior is depleting him.

Wealth of LOVING / Mature Relationships were non-existent in any romantic relationship I had occupied in the past. I had not been, nor understood, what I needed in a True Partner.

As a young girl I felt love if I was getting my way.  If I was disappointed or disappointed someone, I would feel and believe I was then not loved.

Years ago, I was married and had not possessed the standard for myself to expect and deserve  “partnership.” I was the breadwinner, carrying the financial load. I became driven for success and was put in the position to over compensate, because my husband was not concerned with providing for our family, he was content to just “get by.” 

During my marriage, I was conditioned to build up resentment and wait until it came to a head, before I spoke my piece and asked for partnership. I thought it was a given when we adults got into a relationship that we were equal partners.   I expected  that we would both just know how to interact, honor one another and be partners,  because we chose to marry.

After my divorce, I still did not experience any relationship that had maturity and a common desire to build together. A commitment was not present to rely or be relied upon as a partner.  My adult relationships all lead to the same place,  frustration and break up. I started to realize ALL things I needed, wanted and deserved had to come from one source first and foremost…MYSELF.  

This realization did not happen overnight.  I know the journey had started several years ago, and is still on-going in the present and into the future.  I did realize along the way, that I had to KNOW what it meant to be TRUE, to be RELIABLE, to hold in my heart and mind the details of what it is to be LOVE and to MIRROR Partnership. 

I took several steps within myself, my environment, and the way I lived daily, acting and then living…AS  IF.  I began to focus on what I knew for ME was LOVE and PARTNERSHIP.

One day, I realized I recognized this concept already; it had lived in someone that I knew when I was a young girl…16.  I had “dated” this young  man for a short time.  I did not realize at the time, that the eyes I looked into, is where I saw the Universe; those arms that held me and gave me a sense of comfort and  “home”; that heart which reached into mine and made mine dance; his mind that challenged my own mind enough to push me forth and played enough to be of comfort; would result in the SOUL that lingered within my realm for over 2 decades.  I remembered and recognized that this person matched me as yin and yang...that at my Worst I was okay, and at my Best I was Better.

I sought this friend out.

We corresponded for almost a year; our first date was the beginning of the last year and a half of our Partnership. We’ve had many unexpected situations thrust upon us; from heart-wrenching to financial hardship. External disruptions that we EACH discuss, examine, work through, triumph and ultimately come together to the center of our home, which is…LOVE.

We both have learned over our own past experiences, that it first comes from ourselves, then we share and partner the rest with one another.

Just the other morning, after he was over-worked, hours past exhaustion, I expected when I woke to see a weary and withdrawn face. I slowly walked  out of our bedroom, into our kitchen and I saw his eyes twinkling; his smile sparkling at me.  After the past year and a half of the circumstances we have dealt with, another couple may have chosen to run in opposite directions.  I woke to see his soul dancing and the 16 year old boy I fell for 26 years ago.  I saw WHY I had  FALLEN for this young man so long ago.

It is only NOW in my own maturation, in my own growth and honesty with myself, that I could truly see what this MAN brings to me and that it is my responsibility to honor.

When things get tough, I remember that I had traveled through my past experiences to be here.  This is exactly what I sought for myself.  It is what each exercise and mindful practice brought me…I  manifested being with this man.  I pictured him, I recalled his qualities-good and not so good, I remembered WHO I was able to be when I was with him.  Now that he is in my life; we share our lives; each day is a testimony to WEALTH of MIND, SOUL and HEART.

This is one of my most valuable investments my life experience has allowed  me…THANK YOU UNIVERSE for bringing me to the maturity and the knowing HOW to BE and to ASK for PARTNERSHIP!

Victoria on Asking for and Receiving Wealth


My wanting to achieve wealth in all areas of my life, NOT just financial; came the realization that I had to open up to things beyond what I know and do.

What I know and do so far have me where I am right now.

An opportunity came around to help an old friend market a “word of mouth, grass roots hair product”.  The product is sold on-line, and has just started radio advertising to correlate with the availability of the product at the California Summer Fairs.

She asked for friends and family to help promote and sell the product at the LA FAIR.

My thought (old mentality): my  step-daughters can use the extra money and have a great opportunity to create networking connections.  I went with them to the interview to ensure everything was applicable to their ability & time schedule.

The UNIVERSE brought ME the OPPORTUNITY, as well.

At the interview for the girls, I was asked to help with the one-month sales blitz at the fair.  I was asked to be Supervisor and just like that,  the opportunity to make some extra money appeared!

OK Universe, I see you winking at me.

I started using the product a few weeks before starting to sell it at the fair.  It turned out to be what I had been searching for on my own in hair care. I had previously spent an in excess money & time trying to find the right product for my hair.

Here I was being provided the product so I could be part of the product family.  I have learned, as I established my business, this is A WAY OF LIFE.  This company lives it as a way of life—they live abundantly. And they have shared with others.

It is an enrichment of my daily life that has become a way to earn a living.  A mirror, to how I see, project and do my “business.”

Last night I worked the evening shift at the fair.  I felt good about the number of transactions and money that my step-daughter and I produced for the company.

Most importantly the stories and conversations, we shared and heard from those customers wanting to enrich themselves with this product, were incredible! Many were return customers, who were so happy to see us and the product! They spent time with us, sharing their testimonials.  What  fun!

I woke up exhausted from working two jobs this month. BUT I am living, FULL, ENRICHED & FEELING ACCOMPLISHED as I AM THE WAY OF LIFE I PROFESS & YES RICHER/WEALTHIER FOR IT.  

As I read through morning emails I received one from the Manager of the product  company. The email indicated what a GREAT JOB we were doing.  The company will be rewarding EACH shift group a “kitty/pool” for reaching company goals.  Each shift that reaches the company goals will get money in the “kitty/pool”. At the end of the month ALL monies added to the pool are divided by the people in that  shift.

WOW-extra money for doing what we are doing.

GREAT! The email also stated, because some of us are driving long distances our paycheck would have some EXTRA money added to it, to help ease the gas crunch.

It’s the little things that we do that pay dividends to our efforts.

So, today here is to the Little Efforts that have brought dividends for this work. This is a stepping stone to manifesting the larger dividends…which will be revealed in my own work with my own business.  I will continue to apply these smaller practices on a larger scope and see the results at the end of this year’s journey.

I thank you for Winking at me today, Universe.

Victoria’s 1st week of believing…

Victoria checked in with an update on how believing things will come to fruition for her was coming along. In her words:

“I really don’t know HOW to convey what I am doing in words. I have always just done this exercise in my life and pushed my way through. This is a different process.

 After declaring my manifestation list of wealth, I realized my own son had taken a good amount of money out of my personal checking account; without asking, without my knowledge, without my approval. 

For the last several years I have provided my sons with all the things I could, because I finally was able to afford things.

I wanted to be able to show them With Good Hard Work and Effort-you should be able to reap some rewards.  I wasn’t aware they had not fully grasped the lesson of Hard Work & Effort , first and  foremost.  Instead,  they saw and received rewards developing a sense of entitlement.  

Time passed so quickly and now they are young men.  

The economic environment of our nation has hit me hard, just as many others have been financially side-lined in our society.  I have had to cut back on the extras and even on some necessities. Now I am  looking at all aspects to grow my wealth, not just monetarily, but all aspects of my life, so that I may know True Wealth…Wealth of Life.  

In the case with my sons,  I had not taken the time to explain to them that they needed to be more responsible in their own decision making when it comes to finances.  

I did tell things have gotten tougher financially, and that we would not be able to have all the luxuries we once had.  Although, I forgot to get them involved in the cutbacks.  I forgot to teach them the responsibility and accountability to not only themselves, but to me and our household…to be mindful. 

Since this incident last week,  I have sat with my son and explained the function of a “job”.   The process of holding a job, in which a person works (hopefully work hard and with effort) and for that work the person is “paid/rewarded” with a  return-financially/success/status, etc… 

I have realized that manifesting my own intentions is not just my doing…if I am not clear on what I do, how I do and what I stand for, it allows for others to stop, deplete or infringe upon me in ways that impede my life.  And then no matter what my true intention is with the Universe, I would not have been successful. I have taken responsibility for my dance with the universe and will not become a victim.”     

I love what Victoria had to say about her experience this past week. Believing, wanting and working toward what we say we want in our lives will definitely bring to the surface any part of us that is not in alignment with these intentions. It is all a process and each moment we have an opportunity to make a choice in how we want to travel this journey.

Thank you for sharing Victoria. And thank you for your words this morning in helping me to get through my own thoughts which hold me back and make me question the ability I have to make my own dreams come true. Love to you and to all!!!

Believing update at 355 days

This week has been one of more mental or emotional changes, rather than actual “tangible” results to support what I believe will happen for me in the next 354 days.

My friend Victoria will be getting back to me on her progress this week too and I will post again.

Small challenges abound, meant to go through, accept and still find the belief that what I asked for and believed in, will come to be very soon.

I’m a very private person; I keep my personal life to myself, so it’s very odd to share any of this in a public domain. My hope is people may relate and know others share the struggles and triumphs of being human.

I am very happy to say; I am watching my coaching and readings grow. I have found my abilities to provide a fruitful and solid reading have grown immensely over the years. As I trust, it grows. My coaching has evolved in the same manner. I love my clients and watching them blossom in their own gardens of life.

I work for kindest man in my marketing job. He’s awesome; he really cares about others and pragmatically he has been successful in past endeavors. This week was a bit challenging for us all. Our product has a delay of 30 days added onto the launch; it is unfortunate, because we are trying to get it to the marketplace a.s.a.p. We are a small start-up, so every day counts! On another note we have other business deals, which show promise, including a possible advertising partnership with a global company. We are off to a conference tomorrow, which should bring us a bit of recognition and allows us to continue developing relationships with other resources.

I am blessed to work with great people in both areas that I work; we have a lot of fun!

I’ve decided for myself that not only is “believing” where it’s at, love is part of this project. I am all about LOVE. On my journey, LOVE has been a concept, an idea and finally a reality in terms of actually feeling what it truly means. After all, I believe its why were all here, to learn and experience self-love, intimate love, love of friends and family, love of one another because we exist.

In my belief that I will be married within the year, it stems from my knowing that simple true love is the only thing worth having; the material is only a concern in having basic needs met, some comfort and of course, how it affects a person in how they feel about themselves. Many people to feel successful need to have a certain amount of prosperity under their belt, I understand. It can get in the way of someone’s ability to love themselves when they identify with money as a characteristic of success as a human being. I’ve had money and been without it—for me it has little to do with how I define myself these days.

My recent relationship was with someone, who to me was beautiful in many ways, just not ready for what I need for myself in a relationship. And for the first time in my life it was time for me to consider my own feelings first, not just what someone else wanted. I’m being mindful and keeping this brief. What we had was amazing; beyond anything I could imagine in terms of connection- he was my best friend. I miss him everyday. Synchronicity ran rampant and yes, still the signs show up everyday and that is fascinating. And to have someone see you for who you truly are and accept you, likewise of course, both of those were gifts among many others we had with each other. And so, interestingly enough, because I’ve learned to love me, I’m okay knowing IT IS ALL possible. What I want exists; I’m ready for it!  Whatever is meant to be, will be….  oughta be an interesting ride!

It has been a challenging (ripping the middle seam on my very old crepe-paper-like shorts at the gym today was a highlight-haha)and sweet week for me in terms of holding true to the belief of what I want coming to fruition in a satisfactory manner—there is not settling in any area of my life, so I have to stay connected to the Universal truth and my belief in a higher, wiser loving power.

Another opportunity exists now to love all that is and bring it BIG time to all individuals who’s path I cross…. we all want to be loved, so let the loving begin! Smiling at every stranger’s face I see….sometimes I get lost in my own world, so my goal is to be more mindful and pay attention wherever I am.

Life has its disappointments; today my youngest daughter had to weather a disappointment that she feels she will have trouble moving on from now. And I explained there is always a gift in disappointment (she just rolls her eyes to that one) and things will turn out better than she believes in the days that follow. I subscribe to that belief in my own life, we never know what awaits us each day and that is the beauty of life. I let go and let it flow. I can’t force, manipulate or pretend. And now in all areas I believe I’m going to receive. Yes!!

A year of believing or the next 361 days

Alrighty folks! Here’s the post. The items stated below will manifest this year; the “how” will be covered in the next post.

This evening we are at 361 days.

I am so excited! My friend Victoria is joining me on this adventure, she is someone who has created quite a wonderful existence for herself.

Two reasons I am doing this now:

The first one: I truly believe without a doubt that these things will happen; I am not in control of the timing, though I am very confident that little seedlings will sprout at the very least in the direction of confirmation and materialization.

The second reason is there are a few items on my list that I used to deem impossible for me to actually attain in this lifetime. I want to share that I can do it, and thus, so can every soul walking this planet. Part of my mantra: there is absolutely no reason to settle for anything less in any way. Life is short, go for the gusto!

Victoria has a similar intention for her it is“Believing In Myself & Making The Mind’s Impossible, Be The Body & Soul’s POSSIBLE!” Manifesting life to the next level, upward!

What both Victoria and I share is that believing is truly a deep sense of knowing and creation happening with easeNo forcing, shoving or jamming pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. It is the time. As we go about our daily business, we know all may be easily accomplished by participating and taking action in the direction of our goals. It’s connnttttagggioouss!

And to think, I spent SO many years complicating my life, and just as many years simplifying it. “Ease” is a word I remind myself of often, to be in the flow and live from a deep sense of awareness and well being; yup, I’m eas-e (haha!).

I’m aware and respect each individual has a different belief system in terms of how “things come to be”; whether it is through believing, knowing, having faith, prayers, setting intentions or whatever is applicable to each person.

Victoria and I do know what we believe for ourselves isn’t based on wishful thinking, “need”, filling holes, or any other “have to or my life is over philosophy”. We’re both quite happy with our lives right now and if it were to remain as it is in this moment, we’d be okay.

Victoria is the owner of Que Linda Boutique and Que Linda Tu in La Crescenta, CA. She is partners with her Mom who owns Body N’ Soul Studio. Que Linda in English means: “How Beautiful”.  Below, I am providing a succinct description of each item, to be elaborated on in future posts. Here is Victoria’s list:


a) Monetarily -each of my 4 bank accounts with a balance of $75k+, next year $100k+,  following year 150K+ each.

b) Happiness-wealthy in my daily happiness. My heart & face to have the same smile!

c) Love-abundance of self love, abundance of authentic love from family, friends  & clients/public.

d) Health-my health with enough clean wealthy body, functioning & continued good  maintenance.

e) Branding-Que Linda being abundant in its public recognition. A destination place, a sought out brand & state of being… being abundant & wealthy with good, positive & authentic customers/clients who are willing to do good, positive & spiritual WORK.

f) Soul-Workers-abundant with Soul Workers who set the tone in following & exemplifying what Que Linda is…as a way of Life.

What I believe for me in the next 361 days is everything below comes from love, joy and prosperity:

a) I will be presented with a sound opportunity to publish a book by a recognized publisher.

b) Continuing to grow the love of myself and my life; meeting new people and having new grand, enlightening experiences through all kinds of effortless and joyful travel, near and far.

c) I will be blissfully married to my best friend. (I started to write engaged, it didn’t feel right—this felt right and has been feeling right for quite awhile. And trust me, I couldn’t say this for years without gasping for air or running)

d) My coaching practice will continue to flourish and double in size, only bringing people who I can genuinely help.

e) My other lovely professional joy is at an entertainment company; our first product launches this year, it will be VERY successful beyond all expectations, for everyone employed there and leading to more success with our future products.

f) I believe I will sustain my reputation as authentically “me” in reflecting who I am through any means of personal and public awareness.

Whew…that was AWESOME!! I am excited to have these in the open. I am usually a very private person, so this is a step out of the “comfort” zone and into the unknown!!! Through the rapids, the calm and all that life is to experiences that will be unforgettable, dynamic and life-affirming!! Hope you enjoy the ride!!

Believing, a year of intention

I have always found it fascinating to watch people commit to something. I mean really commit. Stick with it through thick and thin, up and down, sideways and everything in between. I like the idea of a year, 365 days. The thing is what have I been committed to in terms of my own growth? “Believing”, believing in myself, life and that the impossible, is possible. The only one standing in the way of anything in this world is oneself. Whether it is what obstacles you created yesterday to trip over today or ones you are creating right now, because you don’t believe you deserve better.

We are ALWAYS the ones holding our own key to the door in front of us or unlocking the self-imposed prison we have come to call home. I have lived in my own prison at times. Life experiences happening over and over would create a matching belief to some basic core belief (a misconception, really) I had about myself. I would go into a situation with an unconscious belief about myself and make sure that I fulfilled it over and over. And now?

I believe that we create our own reality. I believe, because I have witnessed it with myself and others. And as I have watched my own life blossom and grow, it got me to thinking…its time for the BIG stuff! I have grown into believing I deserve an even more juicy existence and I can feel all of MY dreams in me coming alive. I am ready to receive with open arms!!. I truly believe I can have it all. Having it all is subjective of course, for me it is to add to the fulfillment I already feel on the inside and now to raise the temperature about about 1000 degrees and watch it get hot! hot! hot! Woohoo!!!!

Who wants to join me? If you wanna accompany me on the journey of believing in the next 365 days…email or leave a comment. I already have a compadre who is going to join me on the journey. She is a woman who has an intention(s) and is awesome at co-creating her universe!!

I will post later on this evening, what I believe and know will happen for me this year and what my friend is believing will happen for her this year too!!! And then anyone else who really wants to rock n’ roll, make the commitment and have a lot of fun being the captain of his or her ship, please contact me…. peace, love and Bobby Sherman.