A List for Monday


I thought I’d put a short list together of items to start this week off.

1. Stop Dreading Monday on Sunday Night.

If we’re dreading the start of our work week (for most of us), what is it exactly we’re spending our time doing that we don’t enjoy on Monday?

Is it the confines of a job, the structure? Is it the boredom, or the challenge? Is it that we have no passion and would prefer to invest our time elsewhere. Get clear on why hatin’ on Monday solves nothing and then take action to improve the tude’ about this day of the week.

2. Life Happens Every Moment

If there is no juice in our caboose, believing that Monday is a doldrum day, then choose a different perspective. Looking with fresh eyes at life around us, may afford us new opportunities and a connection to being in the present moment. This can happen anywhere, even in a job we don’t enjoy or if we’re currently unemployed….there is something good we can still find to get our motor running.

3. Plan a Delicious Dinner for Monday

Sunday night dinners may be where it’s at for most of us (or insert any other night besides Monday)…why not go out, or cook something really amazing for dinner…hey and while we’re at it, we could invite people to join us too. Make it a Monday night fiesta!

4. Just Break The Pattern

Get out of autopilot! We often have a certain feeling to accompany the day of the week, we may not be aware that this is ruling how we approach our days, but it does and the key is to stop and ask why? Are we protecting ourselves against some disappointment or that we are unhappy, so we blame it on the day? When we know how we feel and why….we can then make changes to our lives (yes-CHANGE our lives), this will take a bit of reflecting and also some self-awareness to actually check into how we feel to know what’s up! Do it now.

5. Bring the Funday into Monday

Are we running on empty after the weekend and blaming it on the blahs of Monday? WHY? Many of us may save up all of our fun and activities for the weekend, resulting in an imbalance with our energy and time.

What about having fun all week long?

Having fun at work or finding work that we love so there is fun….we may start off our week with fear (anxiety), getting back into the discipline of a structure, what’s going to happen out of our control and it’s struggle.

We may also fear its possible loss. Working, even if we don’t enjoy it, pays for our fun and it can make us risk-adverse.

None of us are guaranteed our work will continue, we don’t know what will happen. So by doing what we love all week long, we have a balance and even if there’s loss or change, we still have the opportunity to choose fun, even if it’s for a moment.

Have a great week….every week! XOXO


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