Does the voice in your head do you any good?

Trouble getting to sleep or a sleepless night? Is it the voice in your head keeping you awake?

It can keep a person pretty tired….and confused.

Usually, if we’re wrestling with something, our head acts as though it is a used car salesperson. Trying to convince us of whatever it thinks is right, regardless if it actually is right or what we truly want deep down inside.

Whether it’s a decision we need to make or a situation that is so far out of our control, we’re doing a nightly rundown of all the characters in the situation and the 99 different possibilities that could be the outcome.

If we could take our head off and leave it on our nightstand, we’d probably find not only that we fell asleep peacefully, but we’ve stopped struggling, because all we’ll have left is the sensation of our gut.

Our inner guide already knows the answer, but our head wants to win. Our thoughts want the outcome to be based on our belief about the situation and the anticipated outcome we may have experienced in similar circumstances in the past.

Bouncing thoughts back and forth never really amounts to much…all it does is cause aggravation throughout our mind, body and soul.  Ever noticed when a decision or a conclusion is made it’s never from the mental volleyball, it usually comes when we’re not thinking about it!

So how do we cut the mental chatter?

 Check out my short video:

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