How to Stop Creating Regret

Many of us believe in “someday,” and that our lives are filled with many tomorrows and therefore we can keep waiting for life to come to us.

The words “I wish,” when stated in hindsight, are of the woe we experience in not having done what we wanted–in not having followed our truth. We may have been stymied at the time with the thought of possible loss or feeling caught off balance….and instead going with what was safe.

When an opportunity comes our way, perhaps, something we always wanted….we may hear ourselves say, “What if?” We start scrutinizing all the details, until we paralyze ourselves into not going in the direction of our truest desires. We can come up with thousands of scenarios as to every possible “what if,” there is in our mind.

Stuck…it’s where we land.

And the longer we’re stuck the more we punish ourselves.

We get into a never ending cycle of beating ourselves up for not being true to ourselves….and we also beat ourselves up, when we don’t do the “right thing,” and encounter problems. When we go with our truth, it is not a smooth road–nothing is in life for very long. We may think we made the wrong choice and run back into the arms of stale comfort, because we think it is safe…

Except it is what will lead us right into the pit of regret at some point.

We may find regret around every corner when we look at the results outside of us, rather than living from the inside out. When we constantly allow ourselves to experience the pleasure that is possible, rather than worrying about “what if,” it will more than likely lead us toward our truth rather than into the arms of same old, same old.

One thought on “How to Stop Creating Regret

  1. Reblogged this on Cheerful Acceptance and commented:
    The idea of regret is central to Cheerful Acceptance. If we accept the things that are true about us…past and present, without judgment, then we will eliminate regret. Regret is tied directly to our own judgment of our past life choices. They are in the past and we cannot change them…Accept and move forward!

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