How do we move on, when we can’t?

Well-meaning friends and family wish we would just move on. Why can’t we just follow their words and make the leap?

What keeps us hooked in an unsatisfactory relationship or one that is over and we still old on to for no clear reason.

We may feel a sense of shame when we’re stuck. Perhaps, we’re just scratching our heads ,as to what is wrong with us? Something that we don’t even understand, because logically we know it’s time to move along in our lives.

What keeps us in dead end situations? Many of us have found ourselves not letting go, some crazy hope somewhere is alive within us.

The funny thing is if we actually stepped out of the fantasy of having this person we’re connected to as our partner and looked at the reality, we’d have to ask ourselves what we’re actually getting, right? The fantasy of “what could’ve been or if only they’d wake up,” is what movies are made of, but in real life, it’s good to get clear on what keeps us torturously connected to a situation we really would be much happier without. 🙂

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