Does Everything Have To be Difficult?

How much difficulty and complexity we create is to the degree that we want to stand in our own way of what we really want.

I have spent countless hours thinking of everything I need to do, mulling it over and focusing on it, as though if I don’t get it done…catastrophe will happen.

There’s always a feeling of needing to be somewhere else rather than right here and now.

Moving away from this cycle can be, well, difficult!

We blame others, we look at impossible situations and most of the time we just want to complain or feel overwhelmed, instead of being in the present moment. We prefer to distract ourselves and use the excuse about whatever drama is going on outside of us as being super duper important!

Nothing is as important as being in the present moment, because when we look back and we’ve been tied up in difficulty, all we will see is a blur. A blur of emotion, activity…but no real connection to what we were experiencing, because we weren’t there.

And this can go on for years…and what do we have at the end of the day or our lives?


Disconnection from ourselves and an inability to extricate ourselves from the difficulties.

When we realize that was is going on outside of us, doesn’t need us to engage in order to keep the difficulty alive, we can free ourselves from the burden of feeling like we have to be in the middle of these distractions.

Going within to our inner world changes our relationship to life. It’s in that place, we discover what is actually necessary for us to do in our difficult situation, if anything.

Life is meant to be lived simply and when we do it from the inside out, we find that we’re much more in the moment, at peace and able to participate from a clearer perspective.

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