5 Ways to Change Your Life Today


Want change?

Gotta take some action and shift a stuck perception

  1. Say “no” to what does not belong to you. Don’t take on other’s stuff that they’re not willing to deal with and make it your own. Give it up, give it back and say “NO,” watch as resentment disappears.
  2. Screw guilt in not taking on what doesn’t belong to you. The minute you think or feel guilt for valuing yourself, stop take a breath in and focus on loving kindness circulating through your veins. 🙂
  3. Release what died. Stop keeping a taxidermied replica of whatever relationship it is that you haven’t let go of and give it a proper burial. Moving on comes in stages, but at least for yourself accept what is now passed on to another stage and let go….free your hands up to hug yourself.
  4.  Things don’t change when you continue to keep the same perception about them. Try looking at something outside of your current view. Allow yourself to detach emotionally, if only for a moment to see other possibilities. Do this often and you’ll start to see your world open up!
  5. Every time you go to complain, to someone or out loud, pause for a moment and ask yourself what is really going on? What are you not getting right now, specifically? And what is the benefit of complaining? In the best circumstances you may want to believe you have not coerced others to do your bidding, but when you complain, you may not give much of a choice to someone. Especially, if they’re a recipient of your displeasure. They may feel they can’t catch a break and stop trying. When you have clarity on your complaints, you can start to do things differently. If you don’t like something in your living environment, change it….if you are not crazy about how you’re treated in your relationship…get clear on the real issue, make sure you’re treating you with a lot of love and then speak your truth. If it still doesn’t bring you together, then consider finding someone who does want to wear the same jersey.

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