The F**k It List.


Yep, this is the time of year when everyone shares their resolutions, hopes and other long list’s of to-dos.

Perhaps, you may have even assembled a “bucket list?” Well….welcome to my “f**k it list.”

Taking life too seriously, leaves little space for new, exciting adventures to make their way in our lives….so, if we wanna LIVE LARGE, and feel the freedom, excitement and make a dream or two happen…..

Then put these on YOUR F**K IT LIST (and of course feel free to add your own items)

  1. Strategizing to keep the status quo. Keeps misery alive rather than letting the cards fall where they may by becoming honest with ourselves. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  2. Spending energy trying to convince someone else of…well…..anything.
  3. Assuming. F**k assuming, it’s mental energy spent assessing something that we do not have a shred of evidence to support, but believe we have ESP powers to read someone else’s mind or intentions. Get a mirror and look at your own intentions instead!
  4. Lying. Poke my eyes out, please…all lies come back to haunt us in some way, shape or form. ESPECIALLY the lies we tell ourselves. Decades can go by believing our own lies. Find the voice inside who wants you to live!
  5. Bullshit. People who want to convince us that if we don’t sniff their glue, drink their koolaid, listen to some talking head or something else SUPA DUPA IMPORTANT to them….somehow we, our family or our business/job will suffer. CHOICE is a beautiful thing, trust yourself to know what is best for you, then take action!
  6. Playing nice. Just be real. REAL. If we feel we have to dance around in a tutu to distract others from getting to know us…try getting naked, warts and all. Speak the truth always, in the kindest way possible!
  7. Being uptight. Oh sigh. Why bother? Is there an award for being tightly wrapped? Do we get something for the stress, anxiety and mental-torture we put ourselves through? Oh hell no! Validation or approval from others is pointless. Fill that empty space inside of you with some lovin’ from you!! Jump back and kiss yourself!
  8. Fear as a soul-sucking monotone voice that blocks you from taking that risk! What if the sky falls? What if I make a mistake? What if I end up homeless? We can’t control anything outside of us, so if we at least take the risk, we get the confidence that WE CAN, plus the adventure and to feel alive!!! So Just Do IT!!
  9. Blame. Please stop. Thank you.
  10. Being Angry all the time, because we refuse to do anything to change what pisses us off…and this does what for us? Makes us self-righteous? Better than the rest? Anger is from our allowing people and situations outside of us to control us and we usually do this in the hope of getting something from it. And when we don’t get what we want…resentment takes over and makes us do weird shit in over the top ways that leaves others scratching their heads as to our actions. So stop screaming at strangers who you believe are inconsiderate. Stop overreacting when YOU ASSUME your lover is doing something to you (because that stupid movie of the past is playing in your head). It’s time to do some soul searching and see what you want…and then go about fulfilling it without forcing anyone to make it better for you…and don’t do things for others in the form of trying to get something…and when you start doing weird shit, check yourself and stop mid-sentence or mid-action…ask is this what I want?
  11. Whiners and complainers. People who get a jolly kick from ruminating over ANYTHING. My daughters likes the housewives shows …these groups of women find everything to whine and complain about–not my form of entertainment. Remember like attracts like and water seeks its own level…so you wanna feel better, go for the higher ground, look at the vicious cycle and stop talking until you know WHY you’re talking. 🙂
  12. Punishment and Suffering or giving up Martyrdom/Victimization: Forget the handcuffs unless they’re furry (HA!)! Taking responsibility for our lives gives us the freedom to create, even if there is pain attached to it, we choose the HOW we want to see it. Be playful in any situation (good, bad, sick, sad or ugly) no matter what and don’t take it personally! HAVE FUN!!!!!
  13. Guilt, Worry, Excuses….this is a triad of hell. Guilt motivates inauthentic actions as we try to rid ourselves of it. Worry–what’s gonna happen will happen. Excuses–the things we tell others and ourselves, so we can stay stuck in the comfort zone of the living dead. F**K all of them and BE FREE! 

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