Wanted: Love

Dance of Love

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. It is a day in which we celebrate love, or we are told it is THE day we celebrate love. The other 364 days of the year are not to compare to this stupendous day.

That is rarely true and rarely does V-day actually associate itself with the title, “Best Day Ever!” It could assume 2 other titles, “Best Day for Crazy-Ass Expectations,” or “Best Day for Feeling Your Singleness is a Contagious Disease.”

The fantasy surrounding Valentine’s Day feeds into many other things, which are fantasy-like….as an example “Movies about Love,” how often is it a realistic portrayal? Not very often.

What gets under my skin is how much drama is created in movies, tv shows-especially soap operas/reality tv, holidays with unspoken expectations, and other heroic fantasy-like efforts. Their common bond is the complete lack of communication.

Communication is key, when it is absent or dishonest, it creates drama. Valentine’s Day is drama, because of all the unspoken expectations we have of this day. Whether you are single or in a relationship, when does this holiday ever live up to its “standard of excellence?” Almost never.

People look for it to be a day of miracles, it is just another day. So, if your relationship isn’t working, don’t expect this one day to turn it all around. It reminds me of when people think getting married will solve all of their relationship issues. Um yeah.

If you’re single and you think your fairy godmother is going to pop a willing suitor into your life on the 13th, so you have someone to celebrate it with on the 14th….probs not gonna happen!

There are 365 days this year. Can we take the message of “LOVE” without expectations and live it all year round?

The hardest and easiest thing in the world for us to do; hard because of our egos, easy because it comes naturally to us is… we love. Sometimes we hide or bury love, because we are afraid. We even hide it to punish someone. We shove love down when we think its inappropriate or it will cause pain. We want to appear strong and invulnerable, so we move love aside.

Unfortunately, we shortchange ourselves and everyone else when we throw love in the basement. Love doesn’t hurt, love is strength, love in knowing yourself and being true to who you are, communicating love through actions and words is where peace and freedom live.

It is not a Hallmark holiday. It’s life.

Think about it. When you are in the midst of a battle, whether it’s with someone else or against your own feelings…how do you feel? Uptight, anxious, angry; physically holding your breath and your shoulders hunched up are around your ears?

Now, when you think about love, allow yourself to feel it; what does it do? It relaxes you, right? Don’t let thoughts get in the way, just allow that lovin’ feeling. You feel good, huh?

Okay, so here’s the deal. Your battle. It’s always against yourself. Either you are fighting your feelings or something else in your reality. Change the reality and the struggle by realizing, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter, because it’s not the path to love. Got a problem with someone, communicate it, be honest and true to yourself. When you communicate in this fashion, from love, your whole demeanor changes. You can convey the same feelings, in a softer fashion.

Softer is stronger, because it is truth.

Got a problem with yourself, because you don’t like how you feel? Communicate these 2 words to yourself,” Allow it.” Allow your feelings. They will probably overwhelm you once you let your guard down, but so what? What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen?

Now back to Valentine’s Day and Love. Love is all around us all the time. The only expectation should be to “share,” love everyday. Whatever that means to you, if it’s 100 people or just yourself: just show it, do it….don’t wait for the one day of the year.

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