Perseverance and Tenacity=Friends


Our society gives an illusion that things should come easily and everyone should be a winner!Why do we believe easy is the street we are entitled to drive down when we want to achieve a goal?

Often when we set our eye on the prize, we may be remiss in remembering the journey there will have it’s moments of testing us, even when we believe we deserve it! We can learn more about ourselves when we focus on our goal. We can learn we really don’t want it; it’s too hard or we find no matter what happens we’re hanging on with all we have inside.

One characteristic well learned on a journey to a goal is what part of us is connected to the goal. Is it drive and ambition or joy and passion? Many times we have an inner drive that will push us forward, but that drive is not a passion it comes from having to prove ourselves in some way. It is from an insecurity that we feel we must overcome or win. And then we’ll be okay.

When we discover what creates a sense of joy and passion within us, it will feed the perseverance and tenacity to embrace our goal. The journey there is quite different than one which is driven by ambition. It  may look the same from an outside observation, but the inner pull toward that place is quite different.

There is joy along the journey when you are passionately loving what you do. When you are in it for proving something or just trying to make a buck, the journey ain’t so fun, especially when inevitable obstacles show up in the way.

The key to having what you really want is perseverance and tenacity to continue to create. It’s about the creation rather than just “getting through.” It’s to continue to find that place within when all odds are against you and nothing seems to be showing you any sign of the fruits of your labor, where you touch the seed of creation.

If you stick with it, success will happen. Success may look different than you originally anticipated, but when you are in a constant state of creativity and growth, things will bloom. You will witness miracles happening, because you focused on creating what you want and the love of what you are creating has no choice, but to draw the same in response.

Find what you truly love, what gives you passion and create. Keep creating, it gives you a feeling of joy even when you are faced with overwhelming odds pointing to complete failure. And in defining what complete failure is for an individual, it is all what we make of it.

In creating, moving through with perseverance, you may end up moving away from the original goal or letting go of it and moving onto something, which suits you even more closely than your impetus to begin.

Stay open. Stay connected to your joy. Focus on what you want. You never know what the day will bring.

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