What do ya wanna do?

How often are you in the midst of a conversation with someone and the words, “I wanna do that someday,” come dribbling out, either as an exclamation or with poignancy as though that SOMEDAY may never come.

Guess what? More often than not, it won’t come. It’ll stay stuck in recesses of your mental filing cabinet under “fantasy; wish I could, wish I might; or I don’t have the gumption to get up and boogie!”

Reasons vary as to why the “someday” stays in the future, never becoming present.

It could be you are waiting for the stars to align and the perfect circumstances to pop up?

Or it seems so out of reach from your day to day responsibilities?

Or you feel you are too old, or “too anything” to even make it happen.

It’s almost like waiting for a magical moment when the Easter Bunny brings you a basket of what you need….and we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

Many times all these thoughts are straight from the valley of fear. What if I fail? Or, I say I want to be a ballerina, but do I really “feel” like I want to be that dancer?

Sometimes we have an expectation that the thing we want someday is what “we are supposed” to want, not what “we actually want.” And when we awaken to our truest and deepest desires, we may find we have been going down an unfulfilling path for quite a long time.

I say to my clients, find the creativity within, it is the seed to be sown to growing the beanstalk of your life to reach the clouds above where your dreams manifest.

Don’t wait.

Waiting is for those who play it safe (and safe is an illusion), resist change and find themselves constantly able to talk their self right out of living life on their own terms.

What is someday? Another present moment, when another someday is looked toward. When does someday become the present moment? When you make it happen!!!!

I have written a downloadable mini-pocket guide, that I will start posting this week-end. The price is 2.99 and it is called “10 Minutes to Your Rockin’ Life.” It will be available on Amazon with links here and elsewhere, stay tuned….

And the reason I mention it in this post. If I kept waiting for that someday to appear with the perfect circumstances to write such a guide, I’d still be in a state of repose.

Life constantly changes, it doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. You have to jump on board, take a leap of faith, find your heart’s desire and LIVE IT NOW!

And what I find most fascinating is when you start to really live for yourself, certain things become easier and you complete things that you left unfinished for years.

It is amazing to watch yourself feel confident, good and whole taking on things that used to weigh you down. And that is what happens when you are living your life doing what really makes YOU happy.

One of my clients has a talent for writing fiction. He never finished writing a single story until recently. He stopped analyzing, criticizing and beating up his own work. He just decided he felt he had a story or three in him and saw it through. He stopped waiting for someday and let me say, his short story is AWESOME!!! It leaves you wanting more!!

So, take a step onto the wild side, try something you have been holding off doing and make it happen now. See how you feel and get used to it, because the more often you do what you love, the more often your days will have a special zing to them!

Please check out my website for all the latest information. http://www.tracycrossley.com


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