Life is like a box of nutty chocolates

Just when you think you have yourself and everyone else on the planet figured out, surprises happen!

The benefit is it makes me a much stronger fan of “letting go and watching miracles sprout”. I find letting go of how I think a situation, relationship or anything which includes MY version of a HAPPY outcome (in my head) is confirmation a REAL Santa Claus exists.

Force gets you nada. Nada gets you nothing. Nothing in exchange gives you frustration, anger and pimples.

I love that when I least expected certain things to work out in my life, they come around in completely unexpected ways! All I did was lovingly (for me and others) let go, which allows things to be whatever they are meant to be…and voila! All sorts of miracles start to take place. So what am I saying?

Stop nagging. Really, just stop. You were heard the first 1751 times and if nothing changed after saying it once, either re-group and kindly live with it or get to stepping out of that situation/relationship. Give up the grind, you will feel like you have had the best massage ever!!

Stop needing to have your way. We all WANT our way, all of us. It is our picture, darn-it and that’s how it is supposed to be, because I said so! Just go with the flow; stop demanding, pouting, coercing, manipulating, et al. I guarantee the Universe, God, your mate, your dog, your pet iguana will bring you a MUCH better picture than the one you painted.

Give up control. Same thing, but not as the other two. It is about letting go, step back, breathe, allow and accept. Sometimes life gives us stale bread instead of that amazing loaf of fresh crusty french bread. No matter how much you have tried to control, and you are still coming up empty-handed, take it as a CLUE, a BIG clue! Release your grip and allow your life to breathe. If the roof is going to cave in, it will happen whether your standing on a ladder holding it up with both hands or you decided to get a lawn chair and watch it crumble from the sidelines. LET goooooooo…..

When you want to attach GPS or a leash to a person (be it your kid or mate), please refrain. Stop right thar’ pardner….bad idea.

First it isn’t about trusting the other person to the right….or….wrong thing. The argument is truly about your own ability to handle disappointment or hurt. If this person does something against “your better judgment”, are you resilient enough to deal? People are going to do whatever they want to do, whatever time of day or night, whether or not they are tied to a GPS or leash. Look in the mirror–this is who you need to trust first (YOU) and then…..let go.

The more you let go, the more whole you become. The outside world starts to have less impact on your inner peace, because when you believe it will work out for the best no matter what the situation looks like…you are in a place of acceptance, grace and fulfillment.

All this letting go, equals an amazing word= MIRACLES. You step right out of pulling, pushing, fighting, whining, crying, etc…. You slide right into a more relaxed position about the world, your life and your connection to everyone and everything in this Universe. Everywhere you look (because your perception is now 20/20 not 20/150) will reflect your loosening your hold as you open to all sorts of possibility.

Trust this statement, when you let go….the impossible becomes possible. Let go of that idea, the rules, the rigidity, the fixed perception and anything else which keeps you stuck in a place where you are constantly in battle…..and just watch what happens.

Seriously, I have had the absolute best outcomes to situations and relationships in which I let nature takes its course. I stated what I wanted or needed, and then let come what may. And let me tell you, when you believe in abundance there is an unlimited return on your “believing” investment.

In the past week, I have watched this phenomenon in every part of my life. And instead of wanting to grab the reins back, I continue to let go and not control. Let me say, it feels good. I am receiving and I am not forcing, all I do is ask and I receive. It doesn’t come in a way I expect, it comes to me naturally. I have no attachment to an outcome except happiness, love, stability and lotsa prosperity of all sorts. And leaving it general seems to allow the spaces to fill themselves in, focus on what you know will be fulfilling,  but don’t attach it to a “MUST”.

Please check out my article here on elephant journal.

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