Musings on LIVING vibrantly

We all climb the mountain to the day we are no longer here.

No matter how much time you have is it ever enough?

Will it be the correct amount of time to touch the stars or will you fade away as a shadow in the sunlight? What is it that makes us waste our time as though we have an unlimited abundance of it to consume? Why is it most days, there is a feeling many of us have that makes us “just get through a day, a week or a lifetime” and not look for our own joy in its passing hours?

Why must we fight and struggle so much for what we REALLY don’t want? And alternately, build an artillery unit of “reasons” to battle against and tussle with ourselves in going after what we do want?

Where do you find the moments in-between, which are poetic, synchronistic and creative?

Our days are meant to be fully lived; vibrantly!

Living each day with meaning, to be expressed in a fully engaged manner, as though it was your last.

I write this as I give thought to the post I’ve put aside a few times. The one about what is in the heart of my fellow humans. It has been a struggle for me to elaborate, because the idea of “love” or what “lives” in your heart has not one solitary answer. And I want to give what I write about the experience of asking a question and its powerful response, the spotlight it deserves.

And as I write about the “heart” I’m more and more convinced I know when I’m shortchanging my own experience. I notice it when I withhold my love or words or don’t take action in “that” moment. It is clear because I physically feel the heaviness of holding back.

Each day I wake with the goal of living my life to the fullest. Sometimes that intention gets a little murky as I find myself displeased about something or overwhelmed. In those moments, I stop and ask what my goal is and as hard as it is, I take action toward that objective.

I’ve also found in the past 2 weeks the Universe really does listen in the most amazing ways. And that so much opportunity exists, all one has to do is pay attention as you take “action”. Can’t just think about it, must act.

I have a team of people where a week ago I did not have, but one. Ask for help. It makes you feel the vibrancy or others and this great Universe! I ask for more and more as I create my life, not just in the “in-between moments”, but in the hard moments…when its easier to turn my back on passion or its easier to curl up in a ball…. those moments of jumping over my own hurdles have proven to me to be the ones I salivate for, as I realize the time I have here on this planet is to create…. And that makes me feel connected, as though I am eternal.

4 thoughts on “Musings on LIVING vibrantly

  1. I love the artwork and I especially liked your suggestion of asking for help and making connections by doing so. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much!! I find the more I write the more inspired I am to also include my paintings and photographs. I am also interested in posting the art of others too. You have the most magnificent photos of nature on your blog. Absolutely stunning! I could live in those places. As far as making connections, the more I reach out and say what I need…the more opportunities come to me to fulfill what is needed, mostly in a way that I don’t expect. It is so easy to stay tight as the bud, but blossoming is allowing and relaxing into spaciousness and change toward what we really want our lives to look like, at least that is my experience. Thank you for commenting and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to link some of your photos to my posts at some point. : )

  2. What the heart knows about time is that when you are experiencing something for the first time, detest what you are doing, or maybe you are in pain; time passes with the extreme velocity of the tortoise. Yet, when you love what you are doing, or are performing something that you have gained mastery at, time passes with the speed of the hare. What the mind knows is that time is a constant and the tortoise and the hare travel as one.
    I desire to ignore the mind, and listen to the heart and run with the hare but pay homage to the tortoise by being in the present. In this way, I can “stop” time for just a moment and experience eternity.


    Another great article. Your words always seem to provoke another personal epiphany within, or help me to recognize the same path I have traveled or am traveling, which can cause me to reflect. Thanks.


    1. I love your comments and your style of writing in analogies. I agree with you about time, its funny how we perceive it either mentally or emotionally too. I like to slow time down, where I used to be in a hurry to “just get through to where I wanted to be”, now I try to savor the journey. Enjoy the ride, because it is all just experiences, not defining moments about who I am…those come from a deeper realization of knowing “how” I want to exist and “explore/connect” with the time I have here.

      I am happy to be the harbinger of epiphanies for you; I seem to have them all the time when I write my posts…and when I walk in nature and when I am with my clients listening to them. There is always an opening if we are just aware enough to see it….thank you my fellow traveller for your comment. : )

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