My proposal

This is a letter I have created and started sending out to people I know. I am inspired, partially because I have set forth believing certain things would come together this year and I am ready to really take life on, fully! I also know I am putting it all out there and this is just another avenue!

This is an unusual request. My hope is that you will pass this on to everyone you know and that they too will pass it on to their circle. I am providing an outline to you of a creative opportunity.

I am a transformative coach. I help people to release obstacles, which keep them from living a more relaxed, happy and dream-fulfilling existence. I believe in living from your heart. I have decided to put that statement into ACTION.

I am embarking on fulfilling my promise to myself in the hope that it will not only benefit me, but also benefit many in my life and help others in this world. I am committing to creating my business on a much larger scale in this coming year.

I am fortunate to have the support of Victoria, Emma and the Que Linda community. Now, what does it mean to create my business on a larger scale?

It means putting the plans into full-time action that I have been unable to do because of cost and time constraints.

It means asking for financial support far and wide in this endeavor as I commit myself to bringing the following to fruition this year:

1. Writing and completing my book “The manual to The Universe”

a. Creating my podcast and fulfilling radio show invitations based on the book.

b. Revitalizing my website to include ecommerce

c. Incorporating my company 13Degreez to support my endeavors

d. Writing and completing my e-course offerings from the book.

2. Creating my DVD series based on the book

It is a long list, but as many of you know this is about living from my heart. It is about continuing to create the life I want and to show others it can be done if you just “believe” and apply action to that faith. We all have it in us!

It is my dream and whether I receive financial support or not, I AM DOING IT!!! Woohoo!

It has been a long journey to this point. There have been many twists and turns on my path that it seems like taking a risk at this stage in my life is a little like joining the circus. I have worked in corporate America as a Vice President and other managerial roles over the years. I have applied my mentoring skills, along with my coaching training and my heart to being a coach. I have a stake in everyone who comes through my door and I love watching people blossom.

At times in my life, this connection to what I do has been nonexistent. I have lost more than I have won; yet those lessons are what propel me forth. I have gone from sleeping on someone’s couch to working in a business that I love!! My existence now is self-honesty, one that challenges me to not allow old beliefs to stand in my way.

I have written out levels of contribution to my endeavor. My goal is to work on the projects listed here and to continue working with my clients too. And so, I wanted to be realistic as to the return on an investment that anyone would make to my life goals and I did a bit of research on compensation or ROI.

I found a website called, people ask for funding for a variety of artistic projects. Many of the people looking for support offered a variety of opportunities to supporters to have a return on their investment. I have listed them below.

If you would like to participate in this project of mine—you will receive regular updates, enjoy surprises from me in terms of appreciation and the list below of goodies. If you pledge over $10,000.00 you will also earn a percentage of profit from sales of either my DVD collection or books. Once those items are to market, I will keep you posted as to the sales of those items.

I am offering the following in terms of my skills: coaching, writing, marketing and intuitive readings. As the investment grows, so does what I can offer to each investor. Another option is to pre-pay coaching or intuitive reading appointments at a fee of 125.00 per hour or any fraction of that time.

All contributors will be listed on my website and updated on my progress. As well as, anyone making a contribution of $10,000.00 or more will receive the appropriate legal contract. I am grateful, appreciative and know/believe that this will help everyone who contributes in some form or another.

You can invest through paypal on my website at: 13 Degreez and once you are on my site, please go to the page “Groups/Classes”.

Thank you and peace,

Tracy Crossley

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