Victoria’s experience

Upon realizing I was not sure of “how old” I turned on this year’s birthday, I laugh at myself.  Not worried about a number, but looking forward to what I want to do in this next year it brought up the thought of where I have been, what I have done, who have I touched or reached?

The work, the boutique, the Soul Workers, my family & friends ALL NOW exist, continue, grow & brought in new ALL out of love, from my deepest place in my soul…My Heart.  So, these 44 years I have lived, grown & expanded…am I at a point that reflects my intention?

I did not realize my TRUE answer would come in the form of our societies latest “life lines”…technology…actually facebook, email & text.

3 days prior to my actual birthday I started to receive messages not just wishing me a happy day…but, of thanks, gratitude & so much more.

And yes because we have this technology it is easier to receive so many well wishes.  But, they do not come, unless someone has the will & want to send them.

So, after 44 years of my own twist & turns along my path, there were these messages sent showing, reflecting my investment & the return…the dividends.

happy birthday victoria !! another year to celebrate the amazing impact you have had on so many lives !  ~Erik (18 yr old, friend of my youngest son’s friend/family friend)

Happy Birthday to you! A beautiful soul on this planet, yes indeed! Hugs!  ~Kelly (an old high school friend)

Happy Birthday my beautiful Goddess!!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!!! I love you very much!!!!!! ♥  ~Vanessa (customer of QLB)

I take great pride in knowing fabulous women. Women who are beautiful, inside and out. Strong and intelligent; embracing being womanly. So glad I know you. Happiest of birthdays to you, Victoria.  ~Tracy (old high school friend)

happy birthday victoria! thanks for all of your generosity and kindness throughout the years.  ~Tanner (my oldest son’s friend)

Seriously when it comes down to parenting, i dont think it gets much better than going home to the women i call my mother. Thanks for everything you have done for me all these years and i just want you to know i love you. Happy birthday YOU DESERVE IT ♥  ~Chace (my youngest son)

Happy birthday!!! Love you and thank you for always wanting and believing the best for me! You deserve the best ♥ have a great day!!!  ~Maddy (my youngest son’s friend)

Happy Birthday V. Love you and what you do best – Que Linda- for all the other beautiful souls like you  ~Shar’on Soul Worker now in Isreal

Happy Birthday to you, Victoria! Wishing you another year of continued abundance in love and life. Thank you for your contribution to beauty in the journey~ ♥  ~Monica (customer of QLB, client to BNSS & 13degreez)

If it were 1  or the over 100 messages, I am making an impact, I am making a change, I am bettering me, those around me & I am doing so in ways of wealth of

Love, wealth of expression (mine or theirs), wealth of the experience, wealth of having my customers become my friends.  yes, my want for the end of this year of manifestation to have measuring points of forward motion: a larger bank account, more customers/clients, more notoriety for our collaborative business, to become a destination point, But Most Importantly in my Heart to Know each step I take is a step of LOVE & helps to elevate Me, My Loved ones, my friends & clients, & even those I still have yet to meet to a Place of Upward & Onward existence while we all experience this great Magic Carpet Ride…LIFE!

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