Food for Thought from Rev. Emma

This post is from one of my FAVORITE “Wordsmiths”, Rev. Emma Molina-Ynequez. She owns Body N’ Soul Studio; she works alongside her daughter Victoria the owner of Que Linda Boutique and Que Linda Tu. All three are located together in La Crescenta, CA.

Rev. Emma is a bodyworker, shaman, minister and intuitive healer; a Gratitude Practitioner for over 15 years. She has also twice survived breast cancer. She has a wonderful ability to take words and show several meanings to the listener. Always Amazing! Her warm and beautiful smile greets everyone who walks through the studio and boutique.

She says her work is for God and the Good in all! She loves her family, life and herself too.

When I asked her if she would like to contribute a post to this blog. She agreed and said, she would love to share a message. The following is what she has been working in her own life and that of a client.

” Declaring in the NOW”: that I AM….it is known that the Great I AM is God. In attaching these 3words + your statement to it, makes it in the Now, ie. I AM…HAPPY, RICH, LOVING,GOOD, PEACEFUL, etc… is a statement of no longer waiting/weighting to become; you are declaring it is so….it is not a false Statement it is a Declaration that YOU ARE, this is what changes our preception.

My client Jacqulin, has struggled with her Weight as a number for years. After several months of my working with her one on one, she discovered that it was ALL about the pounds. A number 200, 160, and chasing that number. Seeing herself as a number!

When she decided to release the number from her mind, as if her Wanting to be Happy when she reached that number had significance and meaning, because even if she did reach that number, there was just another number she was WAITING to become, always.

When she realized it is the WAITING that her mind was hearing and her body was responding to…we decided to create this statement of I am…Happy in the Now. So, there is NO WAIT/OR WEIGHTING she Is Or “I AM” which brings it all to the Now or present time. And being Happy NOW…stating there is NO Weight/Wait….that tricky mind. As a reference, “The Game of Life and How to Play by Florence Scovel Shinn” refers to it as the subconscious mind: simply POWER without direction.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Rev. Emma’s words here. I will bring more from her in coming posts. It is about I AM happy, love, peaceful…in the present, why wait?

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