I’m okay, You are Okay, We’re all okay

You are okay, I am okay…we’re all okay. There, I said it again. No perfection needed. Mistakes, bad decisions and mental blocks welcome.

Why wait, join the legions of us folk on the path of “okay-ness”; I’m not suggesting mediocrity or settling for less…..just real down home being “okay”!

The expectation that we can achieve something that will make us FINALLY okay, is null and void.

We’re okay NOW, right this very minute you are okay. We all stumble, fall and feel defeated at times.

Some days getting out of bed feels like its an uphill climb and hey, maybe you sleep in the basement and uphill is what you face daily. So, I say, throw off the sad pajamas about not being uber-successful, or un-wrinkled pressed with extra steam, white picket fenced-in, safe from all that ails humans and rise up to Just, Being…OKAY. Accept your soap opera lovin’ self and dare yourself to be happy anyways! Love “what is” that is all of you…no matter where you sit, stand or dance today.

No perfect time. No perfect you. No waiting until something comes along to make you perfect.

Life doesn’t wait for us to figure out the perfect “anything”. It keeps on skipping down the road with or without you.

Being okay doesn’t mean staying stuck or throwing in the towel. In fact, it means the opposite. When you say I am okay as I am, you allow yourself to relax into who you are and ask yourself important questions. Like, “Who am I?”, “What makes my heart happy?” “When did I think Puce was a good color to decorate the bathroom?”; those questions lead to choices and making decisions. New choices equals new decisions equals new life.

Basing your life on happiness, rather than unrealized expectations that you weren’t crazy about to begin with is the first step, tossing off unrealistic expectations into the river may be the second step.

The only way you achieve whatever you “deem” successful in this life, is when you are fulfilled; in your heart and soul. That is a sign of success, not necessarily having your pockets full of cash (it’s not a bad thing, but it has little to do with the happiness equation). Being okay equals HAPPINESS.

And other people, who tell you that maybe once you improve everything about yourself, you’ll finally have the life you want, most of the time are basing it off what their idea of happiness is for you. And no one knows what makes each of us happy better than our OWN self.

It isn’t that advice is bad or good, it all depends on what you want for yourself. The deal is though, even if there are changes you want to make, to yourself or your life (And I am a HUGE proponent of personal growth), just be “okay” doing it–love yourself every step of the journey. Don’t compromise who you are to try and get to the finish line faster or to PLEASE anyone else on the planet. Please YOURSELF. Yes!

You may arrive at the golden gates believing you now have the trophy or the pot o’ gold, only to find its a plastic toy or an empty pot! And YET, that can be good!! It can be just in that moment you realize what would really make you happy. That you are now “okay” if you get to stop and make a different decision to achieve true happiness.

And with that empty pot, a little potting soil and some seeds, you can grow anything you want! And if you believe you are okay, that pot could be where you start to grow your dreams.

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