Believing update at 355 days

This week has been one of more mental or emotional changes, rather than actual “tangible” results to support what I believe will happen for me in the next 354 days.

My friend Victoria will be getting back to me on her progress this week too and I will post again.

Small challenges abound, meant to go through, accept and still find the belief that what I asked for and believed in, will come to be very soon.

I’m a very private person; I keep my personal life to myself, so it’s very odd to share any of this in a public domain. My hope is people may relate and know others share the struggles and triumphs of being human.

I am very happy to say; I am watching my coaching and readings grow. I have found my abilities to provide a fruitful and solid reading have grown immensely over the years. As I trust, it grows. My coaching has evolved in the same manner. I love my clients and watching them blossom in their own gardens of life.

I work for kindest man in my marketing job. He’s awesome; he really cares about others and pragmatically he has been successful in past endeavors. This week was a bit challenging for us all. Our product has a delay of 30 days added onto the launch; it is unfortunate, because we are trying to get it to the marketplace a.s.a.p. We are a small start-up, so every day counts! On another note we have other business deals, which show promise, including a possible advertising partnership with a global company. We are off to a conference tomorrow, which should bring us a bit of recognition and allows us to continue developing relationships with other resources.

I am blessed to work with great people in both areas that I work; we have a lot of fun!

I’ve decided for myself that not only is “believing” where it’s at, love is part of this project. I am all about LOVE. On my journey, LOVE has been a concept, an idea and finally a reality in terms of actually feeling what it truly means. After all, I believe its why were all here, to learn and experience self-love, intimate love, love of friends and family, love of one another because we exist.

In my belief that I will be married within the year, it stems from my knowing that simple true love is the only thing worth having; the material is only a concern in having basic needs met, some comfort and of course, how it affects a person in how they feel about themselves. Many people to feel successful need to have a certain amount of prosperity under their belt, I understand. It can get in the way of someone’s ability to love themselves when they identify with money as a characteristic of success as a human being. I’ve had money and been without it—for me it has little to do with how I define myself these days.

My recent relationship was with someone, who to me was beautiful in many ways, just not ready for what I need for myself in a relationship. And for the first time in my life it was time for me to consider my own feelings first, not just what someone else wanted. I’m being mindful and keeping this brief. What we had was amazing; beyond anything I could imagine in terms of connection- he was my best friend. I miss him everyday. Synchronicity ran rampant and yes, still the signs show up everyday and that is fascinating. And to have someone see you for who you truly are and accept you, likewise of course, both of those were gifts among many others we had with each other. And so, interestingly enough, because I’ve learned to love me, I’m okay knowing IT IS ALL possible. What I want exists; I’m ready for it!  Whatever is meant to be, will be….  oughta be an interesting ride!

It has been a challenging (ripping the middle seam on my very old crepe-paper-like shorts at the gym today was a highlight-haha)and sweet week for me in terms of holding true to the belief of what I want coming to fruition in a satisfactory manner—there is not settling in any area of my life, so I have to stay connected to the Universal truth and my belief in a higher, wiser loving power.

Another opportunity exists now to love all that is and bring it BIG time to all individuals who’s path I cross…. we all want to be loved, so let the loving begin! Smiling at every stranger’s face I see….sometimes I get lost in my own world, so my goal is to be more mindful and pay attention wherever I am.

Life has its disappointments; today my youngest daughter had to weather a disappointment that she feels she will have trouble moving on from now. And I explained there is always a gift in disappointment (she just rolls her eyes to that one) and things will turn out better than she believes in the days that follow. I subscribe to that belief in my own life, we never know what awaits us each day and that is the beauty of life. I let go and let it flow. I can’t force, manipulate or pretend. And now in all areas I believe I’m going to receive. Yes!!

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