Matching Words

As I addressed in my last post, the removing of self-sabotaging action and having an awareness of your core beliefs are pretty much the key to watching your life manifest abundantly and to living the life you dreamed for yourself. (And in the future, I will address belief systems, patterns, thoughts, self-love and honoring yourself in upcoming posts.)

Many times when we put our manifestations to paper, whether it is in the form of present tense writing, “I now have the love relationship with my best friend” to ” My bank account is now abundantly overflowing with money” or finding pictures in magazines of exactly what we want and putting it on a visionboard, only to find nothing happens. Isn’t there supposed to be a matching correspondence in reality of the things I say I want for myself? Yes, and there is, many times when we say these things we are not “feeling” that way, yet. No matter how hard you try, you aren’t truly believing you can have what you want on some level. It’s hard to conjure up the feeling into a belief when all proof in the past has shown you the opposite. And the longer you have been on this planet with self-defeating patterns, which create the questions, Why me? Or Why does this always happen to me?, it seems downright impossible to believe anything will truly change.

What can you do?

The great thing about being alive is this is a journey. We are all on a path never really arriving at a destination; travelers who if we are paying attention get to learn and grow throughout this trip. Growth is a process and so is dropping old beliefs that don’t work as adults. We created some of our beliefs as strategies to survive our childhood emotionally, to make ourselves invulnerable–no one likes pain (which is another topic I will get to in another post). What worked at “5 years old” doesn’t work at 35.  And so, at any point in time you can make a decision to develop self-awareness….this leads to authenticity. When you authentically know yourself and aren’t listening to the stories of “who you should be”, unreachable expectations, and all the drama that makes up a “story” you believe and tell about yourself… get the gift of self-love.

So again, how do you manifest what you truly want into your life while you are getting through the layers of belief which hold you back?

In the Law of Attraction it is really about  “what you feel” more than the words you use that creates a magnetic pull toward creating your reality. Think about it, in the past when you are laser-beam focused on a tangible goal, one you believe you can have–something you feel you deserve, you can see it, smell it, taste it–it is that real to you! I am talking about something like landing a major client; starting a business; buying your first house, and knowing there is nothing that will stand in your way! Notice how you “energetically” feel yourself moving toward your goal.There is a feeling of “having” it, almost a magnetic force you feel in doing what you can to get to your goal. Now take that feeling and put it toward something you want very badly, but have given up on…..what happens? Do you feel like you have it or have you lost some of the energy, the momentum and have doubts started creeping in? Ugh! Right? It’s not about defeat, its about boogeying on down the road! Soooooo…. what do you do in the here and now to get some mojo going?  Try this….

Grab a clean sheet of paper and pen, take a few minutes to think of what you really want. And then be ready to put pen to paper. Write down your manifestations. But, before every manifestation use the words “I am in the process of”….as in, “I am in the process of having a loving relationship.” Like one of my all-time favorites: “I am in the process of letting go of suffering now.” “I am in the process of buying my dream house”, etc… you see in reality, the minute you think about something you want, the process has begun, right? So…we are always in the process of going somewhere.

And….here are some other ways to start a manifestation, which keep you in the present moment and create a true match “energetically” to “the words” you are stating in describing what you want. Its that simple, match where you are, not where you believe it to be impossible…or it just stays impossible. Try starting a manifestation with any of the following:

“It excites me to see myself ____________”

“I am committed to______________”

“When I think of_________I am excited”

“I am leaving behind______________”

“I am actively_______”

“I am believing_______”

“I’ve decided___________”

“I love seeing myself___________”

“I love what______”

“I love how_______”

“It’s exciting to believe______”

If you would like more, please email me at I’d be happy to share more manifestation starters with you!

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