A whole lot can happen in the next 30 seconds

There have been a lot of books, websites, workshops, etc… dedicated to the Law of Attraction. Apparently, there seems to be a correlation between what is inside of you creating your universe that you inhabit, at this time. Indeed it looks like what we believe to a certain degree comes true, whether it is a negative or a positive. I had a teacher at one point who said if you have “a crappy inner world, how can you expect the outer world to smell like roses”. A bit crass, yes, but you get the point.

Many times you can’t predict what things will look like as they manifest in your life and only upon looking back can you actually see that what you were focused on had indeed come to you. Maybe it doesn’t look how you imagined or perhaps you were unaware that some events that happened were in answer to situations you may have been obsessing about–seems there is the Law of Cause and Effect here too. No matter what you want to call it, there is a connection from our thoughts to our reality. As an advocate in my coaching practice of being the Captain of your own Ship, I wanted to give a little input on what seems to be the tipping point.

What you believe you create.

Unfortunately for many people, they are unaware of these beliefs it is almost unconscious; like eating with a fork and a knife or brushing your teeth–you don’t think about it, you just do it. Many of these beliefs were formed when we were children. Imagine yourself as a sponge–absorbing your environment, how you were treated, what was said to you and the “you” that was formed from other people’s perceptions of you. Everywhere you went it seemed that you became what the world thought or expected you to be when you were a child. Or maybe you decided you weren’t what others believed–you rebelled and wanted to show everyone you were perfect if you were bad, smart if called stupid, etc… I would also like to clarify , that if you had any clue as a child that other people’s opinions of you were NO WAY to build an identity at all, you probably would be living a very different life right now. Instead, many of us went from childhood into adulthood and kept recreating what we “believed” to be true for us; it is reflected in our relationships, successes, failures and inertia. And therefore, until we can clearly see the belief that keeps us recreating the same ride on the merry-go-round, we keep attracting the same thing. The same patterns, the same thoughts, the same kind of people, jobs, situations, etc… it all keeps proving our belief about ourselves to be true. And we ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE, we are looking for what we didn’t get as a child, even if we grew up in a very functional environment–there were events that we took personally in a way that may stand in the way of self-love or wholeness.

So you see, when people tell you to manifest what you want through positive affirmations, it discounts the relationship between the internal and external, it truly is a bit more complex. It would be great to just rattle off positive affirmations and “poof” there is that magical relationship you have been waiting for or that fantastic job, alas it seems to take a bit more energy than wishful thinking. There is also the school of thought that if you  “act as if you already possess what it is you desire” then you can guarantee it will happen for you. And by the way, acting as if you have something you have never had is quite a feat for most of us, since we have no idea what that would feel like. Especially, if you are dragging along loads of luggage based on your antiquated belief of yourself, then it is gonna take awhile to see any results from those affirmations. The good news is that once you start lightening the load, and letting go of the beliefs that hold you back, things will change! As you connect the dots on these lifelong patterns you will see they can be dropped by taking different actions in the present; by making different choices, automatically you will start to see the inner and outer worlds match a bit better. In fact, it’ll become exciting very quickly, because what you want in your life can happen in the next 30 seconds! Just create a little space. Everyone can have the life they dream about–it is possible. And I know firsthand, you can make the impossible, possible.  I will continue this topic in my next post, it will include tips on how the Law of Attraction can really work to support you as the Captain of your own Ship.

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