Coaching to Solve Client Issues

A company has a responsibility to give the highest value to their clientele. One way to accomplish this is to coach your clients to solve their own issues. By giving a certain autonomy in a service you offer, the client learns more about the service than if you had done everything for them. Also, this helps them to provide you with feedback on how you can improve the service, its ease of use or any other additions/deletions which would impact the service and your bottom line.

Anticipating what your customer wants is key to establishing a relationship. You understand their needs, strategies and preferences before they even articulate them to you. Educating your customer and dealing with complaints is also good business. I will discuss these more in depth in future blogs. But the bottom line is to provide your client with the tools to problem solve on their own. They will establish a relationship with you that is built on your anticipation of their needs and the education you have provided with your service or product. If their business flourishes, chances are so will yours.

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