Let Go and Let Be

Why do we hold on so tight to the way we perceive things “have to be”? Why do things need to be a certain way for us to believe it is the only way we can be happy? Why can’t we be happy or at least at peace with the way things are right now? There is never a “perfect” time in anyone’s life which lasts forever. And usually looking back, our memories tend to have made certain untenable situations all of a sudden wonderful?There is no point in looking back, unless to gain practical knowledge. There is only the present to be concerned with, so why not enjoy this moment. Why think of things to make yourself miserable or to disconnect you from your current circumstances? I am not saying to avoid an unpleasant situation, but to be in the moment and deal with what you can “now” and what cannot be dealt with now……does not need to be thought of now. You will have what you need in the time that the situation will be dealt with. And many times in life it is not how we pictured it, even when we have achieved so much on the outside–how can it be so empty? And the realization with achievement that “more” achievement or material things still does not fill that empty space? It is simple really, stop living in a future moment or a past moment. Let things be as they are, accept them and you will find peace that you never knew existed.

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