Holding On

What is it we really have in this world. For ourselves. Emotions? Love. Happiness. Relationships. Material things ….

What do we have actually and what do we grasp at?

When you physically grasp at things and you open your hand…what is in your hand? Nothing. Air. That is how we should go through life with open hands. Always.

Holding on in case we fall, doesn’t work very well. Trying to hold things as they are doesn’t lead to freedom or happiness, it creates a stalemate. And at some point, our grip will loosen and we will again be grasping for something to hold onto as we go down for the count. Who is counting? It doesn’t matter, really. No one is keeping a scorecard.  We will get back up, even if we just have the outer semblance of standing up physically. We may be crippled emotionally, but we can look like we’re participating, there is a facade we have created that says “I am fine”….until it happens again; we could then ask ourselves if we want to remain in this emotional prison. There are many ways to take action, it is in the choosing…what is it you choose? When we are grasping for something in the future–it keeps us from being present now. If we stop living in a place of anticipating the future, we can feel and see we’re not engaged with life or ourselves.

Maintaining open hands, means maintaining an open heart. Embracing what is and allowing the desire of what we do want to come to us freely in its own time and its own form. When we fall down, it’s okay. We may learn something from falling down, instead of being in a big hurry to stand back up. Maybe laying there seeing what is really true for ourselves isn’t too bad…opening to our light and dark, seeing our whole selves and not just the part that fell down. Having open hands lets us have a softer landing, instead of doing a face plant….we can somehow brace ourselves a bit and know with the fall, there will come a time to get back up. And when we do get back up, maybe we choose a different horse to hitch our saddle to and gallop off into the sunset.

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