Waiting vs. Patience

Most people believe these two words to mean the same thing. They don’t. One definition of the word patience is an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay. A definition of the word waiting is to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until somethingexpected happens. For many people there is a presence of both in their life. Patience is much-needed, especially in today’s society and beyond the definition stated above, we are required to have patience when dealing with others too. There is a beauty in patience. There is no beauty in waiting. Many people are waiting for their ship to come in, a promotion, a date, marriage, financial stability, etc… before they feel they can really start to live in the present.

Waiting for people to change, or the love of our life to show up; feeling the need to wait for situations to be perfect, circumstances to be just right and to win the lottery before we move forward and allow change to flow naturally through us–makes sure that the “wait” is a long one, one that frustrates, defeats and makes life less than satisfying. We play it safe waiting; seems less risky and it gives us a story. “Woah is me, this always happens” OR “this never happens for me, I never get what I want”….and all I do is wait for things to get better!

Nature doesn’t wait, the seasons continue to arrive and depart. The Earth keeps spinning; the sun rises and sets; we grow from childhood to adulthood; the paint on our walls starts to peel from age and all continues to move forth. Why do we believe waiting is natural? It goes against nature to wait. There is nothing wrong with stopping what you are doing and changing direction, taking time out for yourself and not keeping up with the pace of life or to want certain things to happen while continuing to move forth in your life. Change is good. Often the change you were “waiting” for ends up looking and feeling nothing like you thought it would, either you don’t feel the gratification, which amounts to the feeling of “Wow, I wasted all that time waiting for this?” or if there is gratification, it is momentary and basically elusive…then the cycle starts again,  it is time to start waiting for the next thing.

Waiting is part of a much deeper pattern. Patterns that keep us stuck doing the same things over and we have no idea “why”. We continue to make choices daily that attribute to waiting for that glorious day when the birds are singing, the sun is shining and everything in life is exactly how you believe it should be in your mind. The reality is nothing will ever be how we perceive it should be in our minds, it will be “as it is” and living now, in the moment is the best way to “not” wait. Knowing that opportunities and situations present themselves when you are fully engaged, living in the moment. This is not an easy thing to ask of many people, because to fully live into the moment, you must drop pretenses as to what the moment should look like–exerting no control over the moment and to most of all, be fully “present”. Present means without hiding, denying, living in a fantasy or anything else that takes you emotionally, physically, spiritually or mentally away from yourself and your current reality.

I will cover more of these subjects in future blog posts….just a tiny bit of food for thought.

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