Do you?

Do you always understand what you are doing, before you do it? Or do you find sometimes you are on auto-pilot and have no real inkling as to why you are doing something?

How often during an average day are you aware of your emotional state? Do you find some days as you work that you feel discomfort, anxiety or some other not so wonderful feeling? Do you try to distract yourself? Push it down? Or do you allow the discomfort to envelope you and let it go?

On Sunday night, do you already anticipate what Monday looks like? What people will act like and what situations await you? Does it give you a pit in your stomach or a sense of anticipatory anxiety? Or are you able to live in the moment of being in Sunday night and have no expectations as to what awaits you on Monday?

These are just a sample of the questions I ask when trying to build self-awareness and responsibility for our inner life. These questions unveil patterns of thought, behavior and action. Many of our patterns are unconscious, and some of the conscious ones cause us great distress, because we don’t know how to take action to change our thoughts or reality. We beat ourselves up over and over. The self-flagellation becomes less as we grow more in control of our choices and where the choices originate from inside of us.

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