I love this quote that I found floating somewhere out on the web anonymously. “Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision and gives us the right stuff to turn our dreams into a reality.” Commitment equals success. Truly committing to anything is one of the most profound things we can do as human beings. Whether it is commitment to a goal, person, job, a date, being of service, et al. When we put both feet fully in, we are trusting ourselves and the Universe. We are saying, “I am in”. I am playing full out in life.

If we are really committing, it should be a little scary. There should be a bit of a gulp we feel when we say yes to a new relationship when we are fully committing ourselves to being “in” the relationship. Not playing at it, one foot out and the other one dangling by a toe, nope that brings us no return on the investment. Going all in, means…. I trust myself to be able to handle any and all of my emotions that happen created by my reactions to the other person in the relationship. I can handle engulfment, it will not grab me into its undertow and drown me. It says, I can handle pain, because pain is an inevitable part of life. It says, I can stay through all the times, good and bad, because I am emotionally present. Knowing that the true strength is the vulnerability to realize our journey is not one of self protection or saving face, but one that is an honest expression of who we truly are! Commitment is having no regrets: No shouldas, couldas, wouldas…no sir, its knowing you did everything you could in that opportunity and you went the distance. Its what makes life an unending bonanza of amazing moments.

Both feet in means I am committed to whatever happens and staying authentic to who I am, knowing that true happiness only comes from being there 100% in the moment. No ducking out. No denial, hiding, distractions or telling yourself the grass is greener or you don’t have to put up with something trivial, because you are not getting your way. Nope that ain’t being committed. Being committed is to stay flexible in your approach, revise as needed and participate fully.

Go big, reap the benefits, expand yourself and commit to the biggest dream you have ever imagined. Stay committed to seeing it through and watch your life unfold.

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