Never Just Walk Away


It keeps you from living.

Fear mimics your environment, you don’t really notice fear taking over until your wallpaper peels or you have to vacuum up another mess left behind after days of allowing your puppy to run rampant all over your house. Fear leads with your permission and leaves a mess in its wake, somewhat like your puppy dog…although not as cute.

Fear is the daily alarm clock, helping you out of bed with lists in your head, anxiety greeting you with your first cup of coffee and then helping you with your briefcase into you car bound for traffic. Fear moves you thru life, rather than enjoying, participating and living your days.

Fear is a part of our make-up as human beings, but it should never be steering the jeep, unless of course, you find that you are being chased by a lion. It serves a purpose, but should never be a ruler. Have the fear, yet have the courage to do it anyway.

Learn as you go, see what fear teaches you as the anxiety tightens your jaw, makes your teeth chatter and your stomach clench into a fist.

Fear is anticipation of “what you think you know will happen”. You decided to seek an imaginary crystal ball; it aids you in making your decisions from fear rather than what you actually want from your heart.

Although, what you want may require you to trek thru the forest of fear. Many would prefer standing still and hope for a miracle delivering what they wish to come directly to their waiting arms. When you have fear as your strongest characteristic, rarely will your wish show up in the form that would make you happy. Honestly, if your prized dream dropped in your lap, you would turn it down or diminish its true value. To embrace your prized dream would require you to go through your fear and be emotionally present. It is really unsettling that if the very thing you want shows up, you’ll find a million reasons not to have it, run or make something wrong with it.

Many who go through the forest find the journey can be scary, exhilarating and fun.

It is like dancing on hot coals and singing in the rain.

The forest is life. If you are fully engaged with creating your dreams, you cut a path through the forest. Fear doesn’t disappear, but it is not creating the path.

Really living, is to go through the fear and the sense of accomplishment that comes with emotionally moving beyond your own limitations.

Most people don’t willingly take a journey through their emotional fears.

Physical fears are easier; jump out of the plane with a parachute, its over in 5 minutes…its done.

Emotional fears require you a much longer commitment to overcome, disentangle allowing you the ability to let go of them, instead of allowing fear to be your guiding light.

Live with courage, it allows you to question your impetus for fear. Courage asks why you make excuses and digs deeper in asking what belief you hold onto about yourself that keeps you stuck? It is to recognize the belief and as an adult in the present moment, make a different decision.

Take fear as it is, don’t embellish or make it more of a story. Fear is something we all have, but it does not have to be in control. Ask yourself these questions, connect to yourself and the more you do, the more answers you’ll find.

And remember, fear doesn’t like the light, it prefers the darkness of non-clarity. So, the clearer you are by understanding your fear, the less it will hamper the actions you take toward your goals.


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