Acceptance Part Deux

What does it mean to accept? Is it begrudging surrender, because you’ve lost and have no choice? Or is it seeing things just as they are, including yourself? Seems that all we can change is our actions and reactions to what happens in our external world. We can try to manipulate the outcome we want, but it never ends up being an awe-inspiring moment or happy ending, how we imagined. The key is to accept, yet participate. Have a goal in mind, but don’t be attached to what it MUST look like, just know what you want.

When you accept yourself, you know that the road anywhere is never smooth. Potholes galore! But when you are committed to a goal, you keep participating each day. You don’t force, push or pull, you instead see what opportunities are available to you for participation toward your goal. You don’t take the normal ups and downs in life personally, or make any of it a personal crusade; instead you realize, that roller-coaster of emotions is a waste of time. Acceptance allows for mistakes, because guess what? You are going to make them anyway! Whew! What a relief. In fact as we all are aware, some of the greatest discoveries and inventions in this world were a mistake. Thankfully, someone accepted those mistakes as a gift of revelation!

Acceptance that you are “human” means you have all sorts of light and dark. It’s OKAY! It’s fine, because there is no way to fix what isn’t broken. We are not machines. Accepting yourself means you accept your emotions and feelings too. You get to own them, see them, play with them and let em’ go if you want. It releases you from “all” hell. Addictions to self-abuse of any kind, don’t seem such a great place to hide anymore. When you discover you are okay, because you breathe, it opens up a whole new world of excitement to live in if you choose. Dreams once again become possible.

Knowing that s–t happens in life all the time. Experiences happen through us. Not to us. Acceptance takes the “victimhood and blame” out of the equation. Acceptance is as important as love, gratitude, et al. Though, if you don’t accept you or anyone else, it is a little hard to really have gratitude, be forgiving, compassionate or any other juicy place to live in…it complicates it.

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